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  1. Your roz n Bagley for spenc and roco looks pretty solid if you can make it happen imho
  2. My only concern would be Rose’s knees during playoff time. He will play his heart out for you during the reg season, but you have to be prepared for a lot of peppered rest days on the back end. if you don’t mind, would you take a gander at mine?
  3. Definitely go for JJJ 100% if you don’t mind, would you take a gander at mine?
  4. I got offered Dipo for Lamb. Do you think it would be a good stash come playoff time?
  5. I got an offer- Dipo and I get Lamb. Should I jump on it?
  6. Anyone else thinks Celtics getting away with rape on Giannis with them no calls?
  7. Gawd I hope he doesn’t miss any games. I need him in the semi lol
  8. Oof just got the yahoo notification that he’s out. Didn’t expect that :(. Anyone heard what’s up with him? Explosive diarrhea? These DNPs are killing me!
  9. Someone did exactly that tonight. Wondering if I should swoop up zeller
  10. thoughts on morris? just leave on the wire or worth a look since his last game (don't know the situation from that game)
  11. he's on the wire right now. should I grab him for round 1? (16 man)
  12. Should I try to grab him and drop Richaun Holmes?
  13. Haven't seen the game so far, but what's up with him tonight? Only 1 reb and getting into the 4th qtr.
  14. He always eats when he's in. He eats goooood, too! Marinating in the IL till he comes back- which should be soon.
  15. I just picked up D12. I'll just let him marinate in my IL slot. Hopefully he comes back in time for the playoffs (Wizards have a wonderful schedule)
  16. Not watching- why did he change to a GTD in the middle of the game?
  17. In a 9-cat- focusing on fg, 3’s, pts, st, reb, blks. Tanking ft, a/t, and assists. Is this a fair translation?
  18. Someone is offering me D White and Hood for Payton and Lin. Should I hold onto elf or go for White?
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