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  1. Is something starting happen with tht in LA? Great game and a comfortable win vs the nuggets
  2. Long story short. I picked DLO in a draft (because im an idiot) and I've been trying to get rid of the guy, and also get atleast something reasonable in return, for some time, but everyone is basically treating him like bag of manure... Is there anyone out there that recently managed to sell the guy, and if so, for what? Or am I better off holding on for now and wait for a hot streak that may or may not come? Thankful for any help I can get. 16 team, H2H, 9cat PG: DLO, C White, Maledon SG: DiVincenzo, Burks, D White SF: Tatum, Heyward, K Jo
  3. or would it be more ideal to drop IQ for Hood...? Lots of questions now..
  4. I would probably pick up Garland. Im excited about his role going forward, especially now that KPJ seems to be out of the picture. He seems to have really elevated his game. Even with the recent duds, im really high on Coby for this season. So the drop would be RJ.
  5. With McCollum sidelined for a couple of week, is there a clear pickup between these two? Already got Trent Jr, but started to question the pickup since Hood is starting and Trent Jr put up a real stinker yesterday..
  6. What's the word regarding CP3 and playing B2B games?
  7. Been dealing back and forth in my 16 team/9cat/h2h league and im currently sitting on the offer above.. Bottom line, do your think im giving up to much? Slow mo seems to be losing minutes/usage and will probably be a drop when JJJ and Ja returns. Ayton has been disapponting as my nr 20 pick, but could ofc pick it up as the seasons progresses. Dlo was a panic-pick and I've been trying to deal him away, even tho he put up some good lines recently. PG D Russell, C White SG Divincenzo SF K Anderson, Hayward, K Johnson PF Tatum, Nance, R Williams II
  8. I agreen with the previous posters. Keep Zion and Boogie.
  9. Just got this offer sent to me. Picked Ayton att nr 20 and he's been somewhat of a disappointment.. What do you guys think? (16 team, 9cat, h2h) PG D Russell, C White SG Divincenzo SF K Anderson, Hayward, K Johnson PF Tatum, Nance, R Williams III, Vanderbilt C Ayton, WCJ, Dieng IR D White, A Burks
  10. Just dropped him in my 16-teamer.. needed a streamspot for the week and I couldnt justify holding on. Might come back to haunt me tho.
  11. Well back to the IR with you Maximum Derrick... Guess its Gonna be 3 games before he gets that O
  12. So apparently Mr Maxium Derrick is returning tonight, which alot of peole have been looking forward to. I've been keeping him on my IR since the draft, and now it's finally time to let him loose! Unfortunately I need to drop someone in my (H2H, 9cat, 16 team) league to get him off the IR. The players im considering dropping are: Robert Williams III, Norman Powell and Kyle Anderson. What do you guys think..? PG: D Russell, C White SG: A Burks, Divincenzo, Powell SF: Heyward, Anderson, K Johnson PF: Tatum, Nance, C : Ayton, Carter jr
  13. Im thinking Josh or Wiseman. Wiseman "better" games were during the blowouts and him getting garbage minutes. I would add WCJ or Bryant
  14. Was offered Lamelo Ball for my Alec Burks. Im liking the upside of Ball, and his minutes should increase as he's handed the keys to the team, but burks have been really solid as of late. H2H, 9cat, 16 team Thoughts?
  15. Im taking a chance on Time Lord! Dropped Naz Reid and keeping my fingers crossed that Stevens will give him the minutes!
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