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  1. 16 team 9cat. Pending injury-status on Jamal Murray, which player do you reckon have the higher upside ROS? Im in the first week of playoffs and the raptors have a two-game week coming up.
  2. Hartenstein tonight with Nance and Allen (possibly) out?
  3. Just recieved this offer in a 16team 9cat league. Moses "seaparter" Brown or a concussed Jarrett Allen ROS?
  4. My heart will break into a thousand pieces if this happens...
  5. I've honestly seen nothing of Mo Bamba in action. Is he any threat to wcj playing starter minutes?
  6. High hopes turned sour and I'm currently going back and forth about setting them both free. Hurts like hell, but Im in the hunt for a playoff-spot and could use the streaming. Problem is that Im in a 16 team 9cat league, so the waiver-wire isnt very sexy, but thing could get interesting around the trade-deadline. Drop or hold?
  7. Is there any words going around that the Bulls are looking to move him before the trade deadline? Might not really make a difference considering his current state, but the poor guy could really use a fresh start on a new team....
  8. Any suggestions on streams for a deeper league for tonight?
  9. Possibly an increase of minutes for THT with Lebron out!
  10. Im giving Jalen Nowell a go tonight, but I usually try to wait to the last minute with all the late scratches.
  11. Is something starting happen with tht in LA? Great game and a comfortable win vs the nuggets
  12. Long story short. I picked DLO in a draft (because im an idiot) and I've been trying to get rid of the guy, and also get atleast something reasonable in return, for some time, but everyone is basically treating him like bag of manure... Is there anyone out there that recently managed to sell the guy, and if so, for what? Or am I better off holding on for now and wait for a hot streak that may or may not come? Thankful for any help I can get. 16 team, H2H, 9cat PG: DLO, C White, Maledon SG: DiVincenzo, Burks, D White SF: Tatum, Heyward, K Jo
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