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  1. My league he will drop like a rock. He didnt finish the year. Add in the other top 15 rbs, top 10 wrs, top 3 tes, and mahomes, and you have a 3rd rounder easy.
  2. I have Gurley with the 9th pick (out of 10). 100% keep and flip for me.
  3. Cooper Kupp coming back should help him. Goff looked lost without Kupp most of the time.
  4. Kid is a stud, two things holding him back tho. 1) injuries (comes with the rb position in general) 2) his coach is a moron.
  5. In his defense, the team sat him two of those games because of their playoff position. He wanted to play. BIG Melvin guy, if I can get him late 1st again I would 100/100 times.
  6. Don't see this one working out for very long. Horrible pick up
  7. I'm thinking like Gurley, WR, Cook would be a great start to a draft.
  8. If he falls to the 4th, I'm all in. I'd consider heavily in round 3 depending on what I have before that.
  9. I'm guessing somewhere mid to late 2nd round is where he will be in most drafts. If (big if) he can put together a whole season, he can produce RB1 #'s at a discount.
  10. 133 carries 615 yards 2 TDs , 49 targets 40 recs 305 yards 2 TDs for Dalvin in 2018. Being injury prone, anyone interested next year?
  11. Ahh, gotcha. I think the Raiders are my next best guess.
  12. Could he go to TB? B.A loves a workhorse that can catch. I don't see Barber or Jones being that in TB.
  13. Same, he saved me 2 years in a row. If he falls to the 3rd round, I'm all over that.
  14. Rodgers favorite WR by a long shot and is a TD Machine. Top 12 pick any format.
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