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  1. This! There was a time where i wanted to move him and purposely bench him in my Roto league but as of late, he's been beyond great to be honest...
  2. was gonna say the same thing... was tempted to offer tatum and house jr. but if owner wants that type of player for jokic's current production, might not even consider trading for him
  3. to you owners, what value would you be an enticing trade for you to deal jokic?
  4. so if he sits out, he's a bum for being injured but if he plays through an injury, he should sit out? There is obviously no pleasing you
  5. He's in obvious pain, I see him clutching on his ribs every time he extends
  6. I think it's time to let go of Gasol, Thank you for the memories and the ships!
  7. who would you rather have ROS? Team: PG - Luka SG - J Rich G - Ben Simmons SF - Tatum PF - Tristan Thompson F - PJ Williams C - WCJ C - AD U - Nunn (MIA) U - Rozier BN - Clarke BN - Gasol IL - Zion
  8. Even if they do, he produces in that time frame anyways... so I wouldn’t fret about it... I’d be more worried if it was in the 18-20 minute range
  9. I’m inclined to say maintain the status quo... unless they start losing games and feel the need to go for the top seed, there isn’t much reason for them to change the way they’ve handled the situation
  10. Are you IT? You literally answered every post questioning his ROS and how Denver will deal with him 🤔🤔🤔
  11. On 1.5 attempts per game though... hahaha!!! I doubt he’ll be the reason you lose ft%
  12. Lebron chose all the upcoming free agents to play on his team 🤔🤔🤔
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