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  1. I am still interetsed. Sent you email, thanks
  2. 10 or so years experience (don't remember lol) active year round and like to trade. Only looking for FREE leagues on Fantrax, thanks
  3. If any other teams open up let me know.
  4. interested, can you send me a link to the league settings?
  5. I am a very active GM, year round, and have been for many years. I am looking for a league that has other active GM's who like to make trades or that will at least respond to emails and offers. Prefer leagues with 12-16 teams with a farm team. I will only join free leagues.
  6. 2nd team has already been taken. No open teams at the moment
  7. We have another team just opened up. GM is going through divorce and needs to have his focus on his family. Here is a link to the team. https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/la4gz835jx0qn7xc/team/roster;teamId=sh78keuijx0ujb4n
  8. We just had a guy leave do to personal reasons and are looking for a new GM. We like to make trades in this league so you will need to be active and return emails and respond to offers. The team has been trying to rebuild for a while and has some guy pieces to work with. Here is a link to teamhttps://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/la4gz835jx0qn7xc/team/roster;teamId=pgl08296jx0ujb4q32 man active roster with a 15 man farm team with 35 game played limit. It's free so that means we manage the 35 game limit ourselves. We have a 3 round prospect draft in the summer right after the NHL draft. The te
  9. not responding to emails. I told you this was a very active league. Guys expect a response within 24 hours
  10. Good team with a poor GM. Looking for an active GM that sets trading block, responds to trade offers, sets lineup every night. 3 round prospect draft in off season and a 2 round mid season draft during all star break. League has been around for a while and moved from ESPN to Fantrax this season.
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