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  1. I actually did just that and knowing my luck you are absolutely gonna be right on that one 😂
  2. Man you can already see that TA is trying a bit harder now LMAO
  3. Man watching the Suns play is so painful. Ariza is actually open half the time but these guys rather take a contested shot.
  4. Terrence Ross? No. why would you do that. Ross been on fire and at least he has a consistent role
  5. Surprised there's no thread on this guy. What do yah think ROS will look like?
  6. Jabari could possibly switch over to a small forward role too which was what was intended when he first entered the bulls this season. He's going to get the minutes.
  7. Don’t sleep on Jabari just yet. Even in the beginning of the season when he was playing poorly, he still started over Portis and Lauri. And even with Portis and Lauri back, I honestly think Portis minutes will be affected more than Jabari’s. He would still end up getting 25mpg which should be enough for him to produce some decent lines. If he can continue the way hes he’s been recently, he will for sure be a 12 team guy. Id say he’ll end up being a 14/5/1 guy the very least. If anythjng try to buy low on him while others are tryna sell 👀
  8. 4 game week this week. Will see how he does before thinking about dropping
  9. He's a good player given the minutes but right now we dont know which direction sacs are headed zzzz
  10. What do you guys think about dropping him for Kyle Anderson?
  11. Im in a 16man league , pretty deep and wondering if I should drop trevor ariza or bjelica to pick him up? He does seem to be trending up.
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