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  1. hes just suffering from withdrawal symptoms.
  2. is it time to trade curry for 3rd/4th round value?
  3. round 1: curry round 2: ayton round 3: zion say bye to first half of season
  4. taurean prince was the best hawk just a couple of seasons ago.
  5. klay will probably be back for fantasy playoffs right? what about kd or john wall?
  6. im guessing dlo plays more point while steph shifts to the 2. but draymond probably gonna avg career high assists.
  7. now that kemba is gone, nic batum is undoubtedly the best player right? can he return to being a top 50 guy?
  8. i bet the choking part was consensual tho
  9. probably not. but definitely top 40 9 cat.
  10. vlade divac trading boogie for buddy and friends was pure genius
  11. dont sleep on ma boi WCJ. had a strong start to his rookie campaign before injuries. lopez is gone so probably more minutes for him. can easily outperform hiss adp by few rounds.
  12. a guy in my h2h 12 teams league drafted him round 1, no 7. lmfao.
  13. definitely overhyped. a block specialist. not gonna come near his adp.
  14. just drafted beal at 11 ahead of kawhi, jimmy and kyrie. predict a big year for him.
  15. raptors win wiithout kawhi, lose without lowry. says a lot.
  16. larry nance clearly is the best cav right now. he is young too. larry drew is an idiot.
  17. vuc is starting on any team that trades for him anyway
  18. this man is so hot, wily couldn't keep his knees off him.
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