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  1. finally dropped sga for sweet sato with wall gone. sga is not worth it with his almost zero usage rate.
  2. with all the anxiety here, u would think that ad has missed more than 4 games so far this season.
  3. yes he is not talking abt kuz. lakers should have traded 2nd pick(lonzo) instead of dlo.
  4. yup. his pattern is 1 good game followed by 3-5 duds, rinse n repeat. so what better time to get out?
  5. yup, day after i dropped him, he comes back. just my luck!
  6. probably the starting pg. better than melton, when healthy.
  7. i have bam n harrell too. gonna drop harrell 1st. bam is too good.
  8. just drop him. lavine is hogging the shots.
  9. debating whether to drop bam or montrez for a ww add
  10. trades. prioritize % and stocks to complement ad.
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