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  1. yeah u did it man. finally scored double digits.
  2. even if vuc slows down he will still be better than westbrick
  3. clarification: i meant "the beginning of season" lowry in other words lowry from beginning of season.
  4. please rest a couple of weeks and return the beginning of season lowry
  5. want to add, but denver only plays 5 times in weeks 9-10. bummer. harris, barton, it will all be back. i'll wait n see.
  6. i blame the coach for trying to play him like batum.
  7. i will veto the trade but thats just my opinion.
  8. bamba is a rookie so the story is wrong. Becky has always been the girl next door and she's just OK. Not hot, but a cool girl to spend time with. Then in senior year Becky loses a lot weight, changes her haircut, now she's looking fine as hell. Maybe not Jezebel hot, but hot. On top of that, she's the coolest girl you've ever met. Then you heard through the grapevine that she likes you, really really likes you. And has for years. You realize you like her too and see not only someone you want to have hook up with, but she has girlfriend potential, maybe even marriage potential. sudd
  9. gibson is on my wire. should i make the change?
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