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  1. should be able to get zach lavine minnesota stats. 17/3/3 45%. hopefully.
  2. i'll say it again. he needs a proper pg. they need to feed him until he vomits.
  3. dropped him for oubre with him now starting. oubre actually produced 5 stocks last game.
  4. halftime now 0 ast. i need 1 ast to tie or 2 ast to win my h2h. can trez deliver?
  5. there is no incentive to start hill when he comes back. sexton gonna get all the playing time he can handle.
  6. people will complain until ad plays 82 games a season
  7. good line tonight. huge win in philly. wizard of ozman?
  8. not worth the wait. basically the same value as sexton.
  9. any word if hes resting vs wiz? i expected him to rest vs hawks.
  10. whats up with lowry lately? not attacking the basket, not getting free throws, settling for jump shots.
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