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  1. I've been thinking about an idea for a new league style and want to know what you all think about it. For next year, I'm thinking about running a position-less roto league. Might make it a dynasty league too. (Position-less meaning that all roster spots are Utility spots) What pros/cons do you see? Think it'd be interesting? Fun? Lame? Easy? Hard? Too complicated? Have you ever played in (or even heard of) such a league? Would you play in one?
  2. I've been fairly content owning him in my points league. Could I go get a better player? Yeah, probably. But I'm dominating my league right now and Trae adds a little bit of fun to my roster to see what kind of lines he can put up and hope for a good game every now and then.
  3. I think you did pretty well IMO actually, depending on the specifics of your league's points scoring. Giannis is a beast obviously, but LMA can fill it up and THJ has been scoring in bunches for the lowly Knicks. And Luka has been decently solid and should be fun to own. I like the added depth you got out of this, but again scoring system specifics will likely determine how it plays out for both sides in the end.
  4. I did something similar. Traded Vuc + Ben Simmons for KAT this last weekend (points league). My gut feeling was that I overpaid slightly too as soon as the other guy accepted, but at that point it was too late. I think you may have overpaid a bit more than I did, but I don't think it's extreme in either case. I also have PG13 on my team and I'm glad I didn't give him up. We'll just keep fingers crossed for KAT getting it together now that Butler is out of town!
  5. I'm a huge LeBron fan--I never got to see MJ play, but LeBron's the GOAT for me. But I've never had the pleasure of having him on my team. I'd love to own him before he starts to decline (if that ever happens), but I don't want to give up a huge asset this year if he's going to start resting or ratcheting down his production. What do we think the rest of this year looks like for him? Does he maintain this level of play? What about looking ahead to the next few years? How long can he remain an elite fantasy asset? What will his production look like if/when LA adds anothe
  6. Worst trade talks I've seen this year: In talking to Giannis's owner, he insisted that I'd have to give him my Harden AND get AD from his owner for him...
  7. Agree with previous comments. Team makeup and league settings should be factored in, as well as the price point you think you can realistically get them for. Embiid is a beast, but I don't think he's proven that the injury concerns are in his past just yet. KAT is about as injury resistent as it gets in fantasy. Take your team's current standing and outlook in the league into consideration too.
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