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  1. Unless there is a trade he’d probably end up replacing Devonte in the starting 5 at some point. Rozier is too important to their defense.
  2. Seems like he’s playing more than Tomas at least
  3. Idk he’s hitting 278 vs lefties. 742 ops. Sure he’s better power wise vs righties but that’s not that bad. He really has no business being a platoon player.
  4. He had respectable numbers last year in minors vs lefties, not great. I mean a much bigger sample size than his splits from this year, which is like 20 abs. It works out better if he sits vs lefties for now
  5. Oh they “shoot 3s”...lol. If you really think that Ayton can’t shoot threes as good as they do that is hilarious. It’s all in the offensive scheme Suns use him in and they don’t let him shoot threees right now.
  6. People are just mad because they used a 3rd round pick on him. Yea his defense isn’t very good...but not many guys play good D in the nba these days. Ayton will be a good player in the NBA and all these people trashing him are just angry they drafted him too high and he isn’t producing beast all around numbers for them. Get over it- you shouldn’t have reached so high for him.
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