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  1. Kevin Love's value has an expiration date. When Allen and Nance return. He is an old fragile man on a tanking team. Ship will sink very soon.
  2. If you guys are still holding on to this guy... seek help.
  3. He got injured, you were telling people to drop after bad couple game post suspension. If you think your expert analysis is predicting his season ending injury than you are dumber than I expected. You have -200 IQ clown.
  4. He only got those minutes last game due to a blow out. Likely going back to his 15-20 minute role with not much to show.
  5. He is definitely a drop without an IL spot. LONZO is back also.
  6. No one gives a rats a** what you think.
  7. Did you miss out on him? Your bitterness is showing.
  8. Blokes I am considering cutting for Jaden are: Keldon Johnson Coby White NAW Okeke Steven Adams Thought? Thx
  9. Burks is an easy drop. I would ride with Okeke. He is locked in as a starter at 4.
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