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  1. ^ totally forgot about holmes, if he ends the season strong he has a solid case.
  2. Playing really well lately, enough for me to not miss oubre’s production. Got to get his FGA to the 12-15 range, hitting that 17 to 19 pts a game will get him to that early round value
  3. i have nance and wood too! i will trade stories with you all day
  4. hmm not sure about this. Steph's supposed to return against the wizards too.
  5. anything lower than the ja + wood package you came up with is no longer fair for the other team. I think luka's worth it tho. im also coming up with a ja + capela + chriss package, you might want to explore that too.
  6. dragic + cov return for wigs + graham looks solid. it's a go for me. help with mine please:
  7. i'll take it if it were me. help with mine please.
  8. who to pick ROS: seth curry or shake milton? WHIR as usual, just post link
  9. who to pick ROS: larry nance jr or james johnson? WHIR as usual, just post link
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