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  1. Tucker was always on the wire. The most moved player in my league was probably Cedi or Mikal, maybe Eric Gordon. Just those constant stream editions that teeter top 60-130
  2. Punting turnovers is the easy way out. However your path to greatness is paved with a mine field. You and every other player in your league will try to punt TO, so the pool of players who will be competing with you for talent is as large as it can be. Differentiate and Punt something else to give yourself a competitive edge. I was 6th seed so I’m facing the 1st seed right now. He decided to punt TO. His team is substantially better than mine but I steamed out two spots and covered STL/AST/BLK/REB/TO. I’ll be advancing to the next round, streaming in 3 new players.
  3. Choose a good punt, but know that your punts may change mid season. Your punts should be flexible because your trying to win matchups. I concur almost entirely about load management and finding players on teams that have good chemistry, coaching, solid rotations. Believe in your players but don’t fall in love with having them. Be ready to drop someone when the time comes...
  4. He was prior to his injury earlier in the season. Gay has stepped up
  5. True depending on which league you play in. If you don’t stream in mine, you lose but you only have a couple adds a week you can make. It gets fun because it adds a layer of complexity, prediction, you actually have to watch players, etc, it’s more engaging in my eyes. Draft will always create imbalances for people. Fantasy is won on the wire. So another lesson is being smart about pickups
  6. The key to winning the post season is effective streaming
  7. He's a decent play with 4 games next week. Especially if Pat Bev or Lou Will are cold or sit. Just depends what else is on your wire, and if you need his contributions.
  8. Absolutely, Coach is about to put his Vets through a cycle of rest days, House is that dude Scooped up, we'll see!
  9. I'm kind of with you. A couple of things I can do is get 5 games out of two players in place of boogie and put someone else in for Oubre depending on my needs. I think I want Jalen Brunson long term but he plays tonight so I lose a game so I wouldn't gain a game competitive advantage there. . Maybe combo up House with Jaylen Brown, Giles, Malik or Zeller (if he's back to form). House might pickup additional workload with D'antoni getting ready to rest vets.
  10. I’m just worried he’s going to encounter unnecessary rest. He’s already taking this whole back to back off. Chances of him playing the full second back to back are less than 50% no?
  11. I’m also in a predicament. I’m facing the number one seed this week. He’s got a better roster but I have the leg up with a better schedule and the opportunity to improve. I have to replace oubre and I can also replace kuzma. 47 games this week (with two from boogie gone from 49) to his 43. Hes got The splash brothers so I know they will soak up part of Cousins usage and they have a dope schedule. I’m really only concerned about winning this week, and worry about next week when it gets here.
  12. I'm really considering dropping. I also don't think he'll play more than two games this week and I can pickup someone that'll play 4 to replace his 2. 2 here + MAYBE 3 next week.
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