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  1. Have to disagree with you here. It's precisely the time you want to run cause a base hit scores you from second and you're only down a run. And by the way, there's a 0% chance Fisher ran on his own.
  2. Please tell me he didn't get hurt. Replaced by Motter.
  3. I've had MLB.tv for something like 10 years. I agree with you all it's a very poor product. However, the last few years I've had very few issues and this year seems to be the best so far. The one thing that drives me crazy is their feed is pretty far behind real time meaning you can't check stat tracker while you watch a game or you'll see everything before it actually happens.
  4. Yeah, they're annoying. MLB.tv has been a huge disappointment this season. Not only did they completely drop the ball the first week of the season but they haven't updated player tracker at all. Longoria, Cameron, Carlson, Chris Perez, Bruce, etc. are all still missing. I've written them e-mails to them about it and they don't even care to respond.
  5. Hunjee is my favorite! :)

  6. You're a loser bro.

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