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  1. Hayward isn't physically right. He may never be again. A new team isn't fixing him, at least not this year. No one is trading for him and his contract is now an albatross around the Celtics neck.
  2. Great article by Tjarks here about Rodi- https://www.theringer.com/nba/2019/1/10/18175860/brooklyn-nets-rodions-kurucs Still have high hopes for ROS unlike most of ya'll. He's going to average 28+ minutes rest of year, book it. Nets are playing their best ball of the season since he's been a starter and the advanced metrics back up his impact. He passes the eye test, plays with maximum effort, and has the respect of his teammates. He won't be consistent game to game, but what 20 year old NBA player is? (Save Luka) RHJ ain't taking his minutes and he's still starting over Carr
  3. What, ya'll didn't see this? - https://theathletic.com/750979/2019/01/05/a-renewed-commitment-to-defense-energizes-heat-guard-josh-richardson/ We don't want PG Josh, we want 3 and D Josh. This article is the s--- because it shows he's keenly aware of where his numbers are slipping (stocks) and he's trying to fix it...especially since he's not exerting as much energy as a primary ball handler. The stocks are coming.
  4. Thad Young is another poor comparison. Totally different body types and Thad can't shoot for s---, especially at a young age. Staying healthy is always key, but this kid has game, serious game. He's super athletic, competitive, smart, he can shoot and defend. He's a 5 tool bball player. I'd rather be early than late.
  5. It shouldn't. He was playing the overtime and late 4th while Russell was on the bench. Before last game RHJ had several games in a row with low minutes. I don't see any way Atkinson can keep from playing Rodi 30 minutes rest of season. He's done all this on super low usage. He doesn't need the ball to be effective as a fantasy player or real NBA player, especially with his efficiency.
  6. Joe Harris and Spencer both shouting him out post game interview, he's earning the respect of teammates. RHJ probably ain't passing to him because he knows Rodi is going to eat his cookies. The Kirilenko comp ain't right IMO. He'll never average the amount of stocks that Kirilenko did, hard for anyone too this day in age really, but Rodi looks far more advanced on offense at 20 than AK ever was. AK wasn't ever a good shooter and while he was awesome defensively, he wasn't checking guys like Kemba 1 on 1. Ball handling is the only thing that might hold him back from potentially being a top
  7. I still get the feeling a lot of this is in his head. He doesn't attack the hoop with aggression, especially when bodies are in the paint. I'm sure he's lost some athleticism, but it's hard for me to believe he's lost this much. He's gotta get over the fear of another injury happening and be able to play with a reckless abandon. He's shown he can still shoot in stretches, so the awful shooting has to be largely related to his confidence about the rest of his game. It's a stark contrast to a player like Paul George, who didn't have the same injury, but had a similar one, and from day one y
  8. Watching Crabbe this year, it's easy to see his knee just isn't right. He's a max effort player and coaches love max effort vets (see Jared Dudley). But he's looked like he's laboring all year. I think he'll be cleared to play soon, but I also wouldn't be surprised if he decides to go under the knife at some point. The Nets aren't in tank mode anymore and unless Rodi goes out and lays an egg the next couple games, I'd imagine the job is his to keep. They have a strong future core now with LeVert, Dinwiddie, Harris, Kurucs, and Allen and Kurucs has as much upside as any of them IMO.
  9. No doubt I'd start him. Have a league or two where I am starting him over Isaac this week. His stats look impressive, but watching his highlights you can see how good this kid really is. With LeVert out he might just be the most talented player on their roster and he's ready to play...aggressive, smart, and active on both ends of the court. Athletic and a high bball IQ.
  10. I did, someone reacted confused when I said he should be getting run over RHJ and Crabbe last week, they ain't confused now.
  11. Should change the Grizzlies management's minds about keeping JB as coach
  12. They gave Dinwiddie the bag...they're committed to LeVert longterm, they love Joe Harris. Coach has publicly, recently, explicitly...left Russell out of the future core and included Spencer and Caris. They aren't going to resign Russell.
  13. If he can't play well in these next few weeks with Portis and Lavine out, I'll be concerned. Really just hoping the rebounds and blocks can normalize.
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