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  1. Keep your current line up. Randle is overrated. Offer no upside in supporting stats Shai is the only winner. Rather keep derozan and Zion
  2. I see Theis as the only player to scoop right now. Maybe hold Reggie. I have both. Taking my chance too
  3. Keep Zion. Upside much greater as he’s the star on the team
  4. I would! Bertans 3s are fallinG. Murray been trash to me. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/799559-kat-for-gobert-cj-mccollum-whirr/
  5. Who wins this trade my KAT for Gobert and CJ 12 man 9 cat current team: Luka PG Kat JJJ C.Wood Fournier Thomas Bryant D. Howard Theis Miles Bridges Reggie Jackson Troy Brown Jr. INJ: Richaun Holmes
  6. I’d take Ingram/ Booker for this. Solid return with the two
  7. Pj all day https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/798826-jaren-jackson-jr-or-zach-lavine-whir/
  8. I’d stick with De’Aaron and JAYLEN. Marc is yet to be seen. De’Aaron hooks it up with the steals and JAYLEN kinda ballin rn
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