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  1. I feel like ticket sales in the bay tanked today. It’s gonna be a real risk.
  2. I feel like you are mostly right, but as someone who owned him last year and this year, I do think his chemistry is definitely worse with kawhi than Russ (offensively). And he just doesn’t pass the same eye test, but again you are mostly spot on on the stats being better than it feels.
  3. https://twitter.com/James_HamNBCS/status/1232489008053116929?s=20 no timetable. Jeeeeeez
  4. dude spelled Malik's name wrong. Just ignore this update, since it's clearly just speculation
  5. anyone with 10,000 posts on this forum telling someone else they post too often and that they have a life is PEAK IRONY
  6. Is anyone worried? I feel like last year's version of Paul George has only showed up for a few games when Kawhi hasn't played
  7. Honestly. This guy is having fantasies about fantasy and everyone else is too busy calling KAT a pussy to notice we may have a god damn prophet roaming around on Rotoworld forums.
  8. I traded him and Vuc for Jonathan issac and Dame. Should have never doubted, forgive me Lord.
  9. I traded for him and Towns. I got complete opposite results of what I expected. 2020 baby
  10. I'd give up vuc and thomas bryant My team (8-team): PG: CJ McCollum SG: Jeremy Lamb, Andrew Wiggins, Will Barton SF: PG3, OG Anouby, Robert Covington, Jabari Parker PF: Anthony Davis, Jaren Jackson C : Thomas Bryant, Richaun Holmes
  11. This is so tough! I would probably do it, but damn I would think about it.
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