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  1. Twitter. He stated Ekler would be on, “somewhat of a pitch count.”
  2. I need five and a half. He’s been less than stellar this year, and this is the week that he pays it back.
  3. Joined a new dynasty league this year with a bunch of attorneys that I don't really know. Put a waiver claim in for Jarvis Landry and accidentally dropped Antonio Gibson in the process. Started to panic when I realized what I did, not knowing what the outcome would be, or how the league would react. Messaged the group thread immediately and told the other owners what had happened, hoping they'd offer forgiveness. Radio silence for around four hours. One of the co - owners got back to me and admitted that he did something similar a few weeks ago, and that he'd get Gibson back on my roster. If t
  4. Why do you automatically assume that he's going to resign with Chicago? He's been dropping bread crumbs on social media that he wants out.
  5. According to a tweet by Pat Mayo, and referenced on The Athletic Fantasy Football Podcast by Jake Ciely: Since 2005 there have been 17 times that a team has been a 14.5 + underdog. In those games, 18 wide receivers on the underdog have hit the 100 yard bonus. 👀
  6. Aiyuk or Higgins? Looking for an answer with some logic and sound reasoning.
  7. Oakland still has a better offense and the game is at Oracle. I'm jumping on board for this start, at least.
  8. - 39% CSW on his FB; important after his fastball getting lit up previously - 32% CWS overall - 6 Ks Command is still a bit off, but he gets SFG at Oracle next.
  9. For those of you that haven't drafted yet... is anyone pushing back the date of online drafts, or are you drafting next week as scheduled?
  10. Full PPR. Options for my third wideout are as follows. Debo Samuel vs. LAR Hollywood Brown @ CLE Jamison Crowder vs. PIT Leaning Brown as a pure upside play. Crowder has a safer floor and Samuels is the true wildcard. Any thoughts or opinions would be helpful.
  11. I think Philadelphia has finally figured out how best utilize Miles Sanders. For me, he'd be the plug and play over Lindsay. As for your tight end situation, it's tough to sit a healthy Hooper and watch him go off. Six targets in each of the last two weeks. Don't overthink the play at tight end. Anthony Miller is a dark house target at wide receiver. I also lost Godwin in one of my leagues and I'm plugging and playing Miller without hesitation. The ship has sailed on ODB, especially with the nagging groin. Good luck in the finals! Flags fly forever.
  12. Tomas Satoransky is starting to do some things. I probably bailed on him too early in my twelve team H2H category league.
  13. Probably because I traded for him the other day. My bad 😶
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