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  1. Richaun 3th round Holmes just dropped in our league. My cut would be Boucher or Kuzma. Should I do it? Punt assist team in my sig
  2. Most likely been saving his energy for the final stretch seeing how gassed he was the last game
  3. Now if 1 of those 3s went in people wont be panicking as much. sheesh typical panicky people
  4. The audacity of the masses. The Lord has shown time and again that he is the one and true saviour of fantasy, among them his punt assist followers. Doubt and you shall be burned. Believe and salvation will come.
  5. Following this thread. In one of my leagues people are saying split between PO teams. But would be unfair since 8th-12th seed are very close.
  6. He's no Kelly Oubre but took a flier for him when I dropped papi.
  7. He has to realize that even if he is noy playing for a contract anymore management can still see on his work ethic and coachability right? Damn. The 20 20 days are gone
  8. I HAD the most durable frontcourt with my two first picks. KAT and Drummond. Now I have two end of bench guys SMH
  9. Tf? This guy misses 1 game last season because of a car accident and now he has a bum wrist will miss multiple games??
  10. More of a vent really for my first round pick. If only he had Dame's mentality he would be a real monster.
  11. Missed out on him in my main league but happy got him in the other. Bitter sweet feeling.
  12. All disciples must follow the commandments of thy Lord Covington so he may bless us with early round value and carry us unto the promised land.
  13. Its his boyfriend dude what do you expect. Seems geniunely happy now though that he has his bromance partner. Hope it translates to better chemistry in the court.
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