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  1. Starting Hurts over Brees myself. It just seems wrong since I've been holding Brees this entire time.
  2. As of now I'm starting AB over Hilton, Coutee, and Higgins...my WR group has been a roulette wheel all year.
  3. Same here...hard to start Wilson over Jacobs/Ekeler/Swift especially in PPR. Still would much rather have him on my bench than going against me.
  4. Same situation here...[...] I can't imagine Payton would green light Brees if there was any real concern about his injury...eager to see these two offenses go at it.
  5. This sounds logical to me; however, I have seen a number of Steeler homers suggest that the entire backfield should be avoided. I haven't watched enough Steeler games to have an opinion and would love to know if Snell is worth consideration @ the Bengals this week.
  6. Maybe because Fournette was a healthy scratch on Sunday?
  7. AND he's playing vs Houston next week? Most likely will be starting him [...]
  8. Lynn Bowden was the Dolphins top receiver this week? Buddy Howell led the Texans in rushes and yards? All I can hear is Conor McGregor saying, "who the fook is this guy?"
  9. Not if he comes back next week...they're playing KC.
  10. Off topic but in my main league I have made it to the championship 7 times in 14 years, winning it only once. I feel like Buffalo Bills of the 1990s.
  11. Although Miller blowing up is a real possibility, I will definitely be starting AB if Godwin were to sit.
  12. Godwin's situation will affect my decision. I think if he were to miss this week it might give me the guts to roll out AB once again.
  13. 232 passing, 2 TDs and 83 yards rushing ...Nice call Tennerstradamus!
  14. When AP was told Swift would be starting two weeks ago, he responded with “It made sense to me. Actually, when I was told, I was like, ‘You guys should have did this two, three weeks ago, you know.'” Yes AP is a great competitor; however, in this case it looks like he's genuinely looking out for a teammate and someone he is helping mentor.
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