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  1. are you implying the Padres won't be able to sustain success?
  2. eh, it's not like he's lost 50 pounds of muscle, if anything, there's a chance he's gotten stronger.
  3. to be fair, Pham did not boost his counting stats.
  4. apparently he was having issues repeating his delivery. they've been tinkering with it, and there were videos a few weeks back from one of the condos overlooking Petco of him throwing on the big field with an abbreviated leg kick.
  5. according to the few people with access to info regarding the alternate site, Gore had some issues. that being said, he has been throwing bullpens and could make his MLB debut this postseason.
  6. idk if I ever see him stealing 20 bags. I do agree otherwise tho, i'll be shocked if he doesn't hit around .320 the next few years, would not be surprised in the least bit to see a .330/50/120/.450 season from him.
  7. theoretically I would guess the Padres would be in on him again depending on the price, two dominant lefties out of the pen would really be a weapon that not many teams can match.
  8. finished 9th and 7th the last two years, respectively, in our 10 team NL only dynasty, but with an accelerated rebuild (and the league allowing me to get Mookie/Seager/Blackmon in the auction), went from the basement to Champ!
  9. if Soto were to win it this year he would have a championship and MVP before he's made an All Star team.
  10. had to create a bench spot for Workman last week, and my offense is loaded, so I cut Duvall. 30 minutes later, Stripling was traded to the AL (we're an NL only league). Duvall has hit 4 homers since then and went for $21 in FAAB this week. not thrilled on that.
  11. Last spot on my bench has come down to Hampson/Berti. so naturally, I had Berti on the bench for his 3 steal inning and switched them out so Hampson could hit 3 HR's on my bench.
  12. what a bust. [...] what a wasted season for the guy. of course he'll probably come back and dominate in the playoffs when it does us no good.
  13. Mannys contract has nothing to do with Tatis. Tatis will not be a free agent until 2026, whether he likes it or not, so he can either take the $150 million or so the Padres will offer him for his pre-arb & arb years, plus get a $300 million contract when he hits free agency (and Hosmer & Myers contracts are off the books) or he can make $510,000 a year the next couple years.
  14. that entirely depends on what coast you are on. of course you will think the Red Sox are more hated when you're in Baltimore. the entire West Coast, Arizona included, hates the Dodgers. that's a lot of people.
  15. why would he "surely" be near the bottom of the order?
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