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  1. After watching tonight's game safe to say he's 100% drop city
  2. I was gonna use the last spot for daily streaming. He's doing alright tonight though so we'll see
  3. This guy is on his last straw tonight , if I don't see a decent Bro Lo line in today's game it's to the waiver he goes
  4. I got offered Turner For Lou Williams and I was trying not to punt ft% but I have Capella so it can't be ignored. Would you take the trade ?
  5. In a real sticky situation my playoffs start next week and I have Ad with a back to back and Klay only playing 2 possibly sitting one with the injury ,should I consider dropping him for another 3pt specialist? I can't afford to have two players only playing 2 games
  6. I'm convinced this guy's muscles and tendons are made up of rubber bands and paperclips he stays getting injured 😣
  7. I got Boogie in the 9th round of my draft he currently sitting in my IR spot and my initial plan was to flip him to begin with. I'm currently in 2nd place and got offered Eric Bledsoe would you guys wait it out or take the trade ?
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