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  1. Finishes top 80. All this extra talk about dropping and all of this is just wishy washy stupid talk
  2. Like his potential a lot. Thinking about picking him up but I’m not sure who has the higher ceiling. Him or Robert williams ... what do you guys think?
  3. Ya looking like I might drop after this game
  4. Finishes top 80 this year. Just depends on if you can hold him through this slump he’s been going through all year so far. Wizards getting better only helps his case cause they’re gonna need him to drill threes and sooner or later it’s gonna start happening more consistently.
  5. You a troll I don’t care what train you’re on. You get on my nervous dawg
  6. He gonna get a lot of minutes when dragic and the whole team is healthy or is this just fools gold?
  7. Bro what’re you saying. I don’t understand some of the people on these forums anymore. Either come in here with good info or just shut up. Why would you sell him high? Starting center on a young kings team thats guaranteeing to give him about 30 minutes a night. Provides great percentages gets rebounds and can get stocks with lo turnovers. Pretty much a 7 cat player. He’s gonna finish top 50 what’re you talking about sell high.
  8. We think there’s a chance he can play at this kind of level all year? Or is the return of dragic and Bradley gonna completely shatter this?
  9. Don’t know this thread isn’t bumping more. With hunter potentially done for 7-10 weeks, I’m thinking Gallo can be valuable. Maybe even a poor mans Tobias Harris
  10. Don’t worry about team needs or any of that. My team is a strong team in pretty much every category except for points so I’ve decided to punt it. With that said, would you do this trade?
  11. Who f***in cares about my league? Totally agree I’m a piece of shet. Shouldn’t have came to the forums to ask the boys about a simple question
  12. Could end up hurting me big time but hearing that a bone edema usually takes months to recover from didn’t sit well with me and I just pulled the trigger plus I’m a punt assists and points team so it just made sense to do it considering the situation
  13. Boys I’m so sorry that you guys are about to go through this and I know this is gonna be annoying to answer but I just traded him for Myles Turner. Should I be happy?
  14. Am I the only one worried that a 2-3 month timetable is about to drop or am I just being pessimistic
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