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  1. Encouraging update. Probably won’t be back for another week or so. Should be ready to play April 27 vs the raptors or even sooner
  2. Holmes been one of my favorite players to own all year but this isn’t a 3 game injury. It’s looking more like a 6-8 gamer and thats me being really optimistic. Run and scoop white side everywhere. He’s top 20 value if he plays 30 minutes a night and Walton will soon do that cause Damian Jones sucks.
  3. Bro you traded Holmes for Bertans, don’t wanna hear a single word outta you
  4. So this dude poops the bed all year and everyone comes in here yelling and screaming calling him the biggest bust of the decade but then he has a fantastic month right before we’re about to go into the playoffs and nobody’s in here saying anything. Some of y’all got some nerve mannnnnn. Disrespect and roast people when they’re playing bad but when they’re good you don’t wanna talk
  5. Doesn’t mean anything. If he’s providing he’s providing. 3rd round value moving forward.
  6. Soooooooo are we done slandering this dude
  7. Trying my best to stay positive but this looks like a terrible situation. They might just give him the kd treatment and rest him for a month or so
  8. Ya this might be a case of dropping him and feeling a little salty and I hate that you impulsively dropped him. Sometimes you gotta go on YouTube and pull up some highlights or specific games and see with your eyes if the hype is real. With that said, you dropped a fantasy championship winner. Got potential to pop off and produce top 10 numbers in a week and if that happens at the right time then gotta just take the L, respectfully brotha
  9. Looking like a one weeker. He’s been playing a lot and they’re probably gonna go the precautionary rest route. But he’s ok
  10. Either I’m gonna look like a genius for saying this or like an idiot but whites gonna be putting up top 15 value during fantasy playoffs
  11. Dieng’s a stretch big. Feel like pop might like having a big that can step out and shoot threes while also being able to be a solid rebounder. Love poetl so I’m not planning on dropping at all but just trying to figure out how big of a hit we’re taking. Still gonna average around 10 10 on good fg and 2 blocks a game
  12. So with dieng in the picture .... looks like minutes will drop to around 25-28 a night. Still think he can be valuable or should we start to look elsewhere?
  13. Still believe he’s gonna get better as the season goes on. He’s providing low end glue guy value at around top 100 right now but he’s got the it factor to me and it’s only a matter of time till his lines get beefier.
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