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  1. I added you to the team. Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to change the team name if you decide to stay in the league.
  2. Another team needs a replacement owner. Top players include Paul George, Siakam, Wendell Carter Jr, Bogdon, Cedi, Duncan Robinson. Currently in 5th place.
  3. I added you to the league. Sorry for the delay, I was waiting on someone else who had asked about the team first.
  4. Thanks, dino. The league still needs an owner for team 1. As mentioned above, the league does not require a ton of effort and the groupme is not mandatory, but it is there for people who like it.
  5. Team 1 is still open. Another note is that the league has a groupme chat.
  6. A 12 keeper dynasty league in its 2nd year needs 2 owners. It is standard 8 cat H2H with weekly lineups. The open teams are: Team 1: Kemba, LeBron, Lowry, Prince, Gasol, Bjelica, D. Brooks, Griffin, Dragic, Richardson, Teague, Gay, Thad Young, Ish Smith This team should have a good chance of making the playoffs Team 2: Trae, B. Simmons, Conley, Sabonis, JaVale, Dinwiddie, Pat Williams, Portis, Zeller, Bannes, Campazzo, etc.
  7. Different methods give different rankings. And it depends on how far back you go. I did a ranking of seasons since 1980 (1979-80) a while ago. My method was writing a computer program to simulate millions of random fantasy drafts and seasons (standard 8-cat roto) using seasons since 1980. This method gives somewhat similar results for single seasons to BBM rankings, but was easier for me to code. Although it takes a lot of simulations to get consistent results. Here is the first part of the rankings (filtering so only each player's best season is listed): Based on this, and the fact
  8. I see there is not much creativity in sarcastic responses here. Just because Bazley improves and has a breakout year doesn't mean he is more efficient (Devonte Graham is an example of this). With OKC's roster, I think Bazley is more likely to improve his scoring to 15+ points per game than to improve his fg% to over 45% unless he shoots lots less threes. I could be completely wrong, but I think my posts are more reasonable than saying something like "he went from 39% to 42% in the bubble, so this year his percentages will probably be really good". And my post answered the previous question of
  9. 42% is bad, and he was worse for the whole year. And it is unlikely he improves that much, if any, with higher volume. 70% ft isn't great either, although that was a small sample (43/62 for the year) and it is possible he is much better than that. There is a real chance of 40%/70% or worse shooting percentages again. I still think he will be good, but now he is getting picked around 100 or so, which would be a bit early for me.
  10. I probably wouldn't draft him near the 60s. He probably still won't be super efficient, and he doesn't get many defensive stats. I think he may be top 50, but he could also be outside the top 100. Something like 18/4/4 with 2.5 threes and 80+%ft is possible and looks really good, but if it comes with 40-43%fg, 2+ turnovers, and only 1 steal+block, then I would rather draft someone else at that point. I think Lou Williams would be a cheaper alternative much later in drafts. Another comparison from last year is Graham, who was just #58 in 8-cat despite 18.2/3.3/7.5 with 3.5 threes an
  11. Guys I like at their Yahoo ADPs: Guys who are being drafted later (often much later) than their ranking last year who I don't think should be Lillard: 6ADP (can't outperform by much) Vucevic: 30ADP (coming off 2 top 20 seasons I think) FVV: 49ADP (#25 per game last year) Ingram: 53ADP Oubre: 66ADP Myles Turner: 68ADP DiVincenzo: 149ADP (#125 last year without huge minutes) Deep league/end of draft guys who have top 100 potential if they get near 20 minutes per game: Noel: drafted in 18% of leagues, #83 last year per game in 18 m
  12. A free keeper league is in need of a replacement owner. The scoring is standard 8 cat. The league has a groupme for chat. The available team has: Lebron, Kemba, Lowry, J. Richardson, Blake Griffin, Gasol, Dragic, D. Brooks, Prince, Thad Young, Bjelica, Gay, picks 20 & 44 in the draft. Let me know if you are interested. A summary of the rules is below. Rosters Can have 10 active (2 G, 2 F, C, 5 Flx) Max players is 15 with 1 IR Keep up to 12 for next year Trades Trades will be voted on by everyone. Veto trades only if they clearl
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