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  1. Yes, we can sit here and talk about the "evidence" that has come trickling in since the story leaked but that's the point. It has come out much later than the actual story...At first all we had was a few accusations and at that very point, many formed their opinions and it wouldn't matter what evidence does or doesn't come out.
  2. Couldn't agree with you more. I've been banging this drum for a while... Watson was doomed the minute this story came out and it doesn't matter if true or not. Unfortunately, the majority of people follow this timeline when forming their opinions on a topic/story: 1. Read headline only and forms opinion based on that alone (without seeing evidence or anything along those lines) 2. Avoid actually researching/digging into topic in order to backup said opinion 3. Move onto another headline/story to repeat same nonsense 4. If information comes out that later conflicts with opin
  3. Not much talk on this kid...What's everyone's take on him so far?
  4. Whoops, sorry guys! Correcting myself here as they actually DO have a haircut policy 😂 . Incredible.
  5. Huh? The rest of the teams in MLB have a dress code. Requiring someone to be cleanly shaven is not a dress code. What’s next, requiring everyone to have the same haircut? To sarcastically try to claim that that’s the same as enforcing a dress code is pretty hilarious.
  6. I agree with you. Basically, the replay should be viewed impartially. As if there is no call already made and the call needs to be made for the first time through replay. Right now, the replay is basically used to defend the call on the field
  7. Side note. Thought of it while watching Odor “beardless”...it’s absolutely idiotic that the Yankees require players to be clean shaven. I’m sure many Yankee fans will defend it bc of course, but yeah, I’m sure most others would agree it’s pretty dumb.
  8. It’s 100% clear and certain that Bohm didn’t touch the plate. Honestly, I said he was “out” before they called him safe. It’s incredible to me that even after a review, they still got it wrong 😂
  9. What makes you say so definitively that Ohtani will see time in the OF considering he's never played there before? Your posts continue to make me scratch my head lol.
  10. Anything to see here? With news of Tatis's unfortunate injury, does this open door for him at all? Thoughts?
  11. Noted, thanks for the thoughtful response. Going to try to make some room for him while he can be snagged for free.
  12. Interesting...What's your personal take on him? I'm a Bravos fan so I'm thinking about making room for him...
  13. Yes, but people sometimes forget that it takes (2) teams to agree on a trade. Right now and before the draft, SF doesn't have motivation to trade Jimmy G. The question then becomes do the Patriots hold out hope that they will be able to trade for Jimmy G and not address QB through the draft? Because if they go into the draft with only Cam as the QB, I think they need to address QB in the draft and not cross their fingers that they'll get Garoppolo later. Point is, they need to be proactive and find a QB because Cam is horrendous. As much as people want to blame Cam being so awful last yea
  14. I agree. To the bolded part though. I'm looking into this a bit deeper. IF it comes out that he is a serial rapist or forced women into acts that weren't consensual, I think that makes him a different type of scumbag than he if is just a creepy guy who is paying escort/"masseuses" where sexual favors is part of the "transaction". My point has been that no matter how it unfolds after evidence is shown, people are going to label him as serial rapist/monster, etc no matter what. Those making claims like that without supporting evidence is really all i've been trying to point out.
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