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  1. With quarterbacks being arguably the most challenging position in professional sports, it baffles me that so many teams continue to screw up their relationships with franchise QBs...This offseason is bonkers with so many franchise QBs potentially on the move. Was there ever an offseason with this much uncertainty at the QB position when it comes to franchise signal callers potentially being moved?
  2. It's interesting to me that so many continue to claim this as fact. As a Patriots fan, I don't know for sure if it happened or if it didn't...I'm curious to those that are so confident that it did though. Did BB or Mr Kraft confirm it? If not (they didn't), isn't it just speculation from a loose source (Seth Wickersham)?
  3. Too many athletes are absolute idiots when it comes to managing their finances. Endorsements and other opportunities for $$$ tend to come when you're a winner. If you prioritize being a winner over having the title of "highest paid", often you will end up making more money anyway through other channels. I'm of course not saying to play for free, but "going to the highest bidder" happens to often because the athlete is a dumba$$.
  4. In my opinion, this mindset that many teams have is is absolutely ridiculous. IMO, a team should worry more about improving their own roster over what another team is doing/not doing. If a team chooses to take less in an offer just so they can trade a player to a team they will see less, I think they're doing their team a disservice by not doing what's best for the football team. Too often, teams do this.
  5. Hopefully Duran is ready sooner than later.
  6. Does anyone claiming he will be an injury risk have a medical degree? EDIT: Which seasons specifically did Henry have 400+ touches?
  7. Some aren't of course. But I think are trying and just don't have the resources that LA, Boston, NY, might have, which sucks for them. Since those teams have more resources, why should they be afforded more opportunity to pay for star players than teams that may not have the same resources? Why not adopt a cap like the other professional sports? Right now, it's pretty much a handful of teams with the rest of them essentially acting as their minor league teams playing in their sandbox. Whenever there is a top FA, it's always the same usual suspects involved in the FA talks...
  8. I don’t like that idea. You’re furthering parity with that by punishing teams that are trying but failing. I think a cap and floor is the best way to go. Let’s say the Dodgers have more money to spend than Cleveland. Why should they be allowed to? Shouldn’t there be a level playing field?
  9. Why does Deshaun Watson owe David Culley anything if he doesn't intend to continue being part of the Houston organization?
  10. Baseball needs both a cap and a floor. If only one or the other though, a cap is more fair and makes more sense because some teams just have the ability to spend more than others. By only implementing a floor, you're still allowing the richer teams to spend as much as they want while other teams may not be able to match that.
  11. "Tom Brady to Tampa Bay will be a disaster."
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