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  1. I could absolutely see Jones being a low-end RB1 if he continues to get 15 touches which was what he got last night.
  2. Oh ok gotcha. I just found it funny how everyone in the Jones thread was talking about him as some elite RB1, someone compared him to Barry Sanders, etc. Both of them certainly deserve a role based on their play.
  3. This is coming from the one who said Williams is “irrelevant” after last week in the Jones thread lol. I think Jones is definitely more talented but Jamaal clearly is a good back who deserves a role as well.
  4. For some reason people were responding with laughs after last week when I and many others brought up how Williams would still be heavily involved. He clearly outplayed Jones tonight and this is 100% a committee going forward. Received 3 more touches as well.
  5. In one of my PPR leagues, the Mixon owner offered me Joe Mixon for Jamaal Williams. It seems like a no-brainer but Mixon has been atrocious. Should I make this trade?
  6. That’s a fair point, and I definitely hope you’re right. I’ve had Jones the past three years in fantasy and have been waiting for this game for a long time. What worries me is the fact that Jamaal will be back soon. I don’t see any reason why they’ll stop involving him, even though Jones has played far better. Like I said, I definitely hope you
  7. Isn’t it different in this situation because Gurley wasn’t in a timeshare? Jones went off week 2 and a couple days later, Lafleur said he wanted to even up the touches.
  8. I’m as big a Jones fan as anyone, but I’d strongly consider selling high before Williams comes back. We saw the same thing happen in Week 2, so I don’t see any reason Williams won’t continue to be involved once he returns. The talent is definitely there, but we’ll see as far as opportunity goes.
  9. How long do you guys think until he gets a full workload?
  10. Fine by me. He’s a top 4 RB in PPR if you exclude the game he was injured.
  11. Are you guys starting him against NE if Keenum plays? He has done well against other tough defenses.
  12. I could see him sneaking into the top 4 if he keeps up this type of receiving usage. Definitely a matchup-proof RB1 either way though.
  13. If he keeps the same role in the passing game and the TDs start coming which I’m sure they will, I don’t see how Fournette isn’t a mid-tier RB1, at least in PPR leagues.
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