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  1. It may get vetoed not sure yet, but I’m new to fantasy basketball so I really don’t ever know
  2. My Luka for AD, Westbrook, Kawhi. Just made this trade. It’s a keeper league other guys is wanting to tank for next year. did I make the right move.
  3. This is real haha, it’s a keeper league. He wanted Luka for next year cause he’s cheap in our auction
  4. Just traded Luka for AD, Westbrook, and Kawhi. Who won the trade.
  5. Definitely agree, that is a much better way to put it. I guess I just meant he’s not going to take a whole lot of shots from the outside.
  6. He’s the most underrated SF in fantasy I think, dude just does it all not at a high level but very consistent, I’ve been trying to trade for the dude all year and my buddy just won’t give him up
  7. I think Boban needs to stay in waivers, unless you are just looking for someone to help with blocks.
  8. Going to Minnesota could impact is production still a great big man for 3s
  9. Give it time, when he’s fully back to himself, he’s going to make a real impact for someone’s fantasy team. If he’s in waiver go get him now
  10. Collison is starting to look better every game, I think he’s a way better option than Joseph
  11. He’s going to be so up and down this year, I’d you can handle the bad with good he’s worth a roster spot. I’d say a deeper team would be better off with him than someone looking for a guy who can contribute every night. Id take a guy like Evan Turner over him if you aren’t looking for 3s or points
  12. He is only going to get better as the season goes. He’s a great rebounder as a guard, only thing he lacks is a outside shot
  13. I think once Dunn gets back he can be great value in assist and steals. Only problem I see with him is TOs.
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