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  1. LMAO end of discussion. Malone doesn't care about our fantasy teams
  2. Not only the 50 ball but the stocks have returned! What an insane line
  3. To be fair, he came back in with 5 mins in the 4th and Wall/Dipo aren't looking his way (he did have 1 drive that was well contested though)
  4. Fred VanVleet's stocks rising higher than gamestop today
  5. Exactly!! Where are you gonna find something remotely close to Drummond's upside? 50 cents on the dollar LMAO
  6. At least today it looked like he got solid looks for the most part- shots he can definitely make. He doesn't really give me chucker vibes at all honestly. The shots will fall eventually, and the dimes and steals are solid
  7. Sexton was credited for one/two steals that should've been Drummond's...hopefully that gets fixed. This is a monster stat line minus %s!!
  8. Wow!! A 20-20-20 game for the Westbeast! Hilarious that Billy Donovan left him in for the last 2 boards too haha
  9. Man....one last great stat-line by Big Nurk. Get better soon big fella :,(
  10. A popliteus strain...and re-evaluated in a week. Hopefully we'll get an INJ tag for him soon?
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