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  1. What is his ceiling? I think he could eventually be in the range of Tobias Harris if everything goes right, but that's at least 3 years down the road.
  2. Hate to say it, but I'm pretty dependent on him coming back to make the playoffs, which means I'm probably not going to make the cut. I'm getting my brains beat in this week, just like last week...
  3. I think he's tired - lot of miles on those legs. Remember that he skipped college and has been in the league for ages. Also, he's at that age where guards start hitting the wall. He'll probably pick things up after the AS break for awhile.
  4. The Wolves put 142 on the Clippers - didn't see that coming. I hope this means KAT has that fire in his belly for the rest of the year.
  5. Somehow got him in the 5th round - he's a sell high candidate because of the injury history imo.
  6. In my league, we can trade future draft picks and I foolishly traded some of my picks this year to try to win in last year's playoffs. i didn't win and I may be a degenerate gambler. Having KAT will make this season bearable - his first 2 lines were s--- you only see in video games if you have cheat codes, and he's going to play close to 80 games (knocks on wood).
  7. I got him and Curry as keepers in a trade last year for Simmons and Luka. 3rd keeper is Drummond. Nice start so far, we'll see how Steph fares against the Clips and Beverly.
  8. I grabbed him. Didn't have to use my waiver priority.
  9. 12 Team 9-cat h2h yahoo keeper league. My current roster: Curry Teague Bledsoe Russell Covington - IL Ariza Jerami Grant Randle Drummond Smart KAT B. Lopez Barton Cousins Olynyk is on WW, becomes available in about 4 hours. I have 1st WW priority. Do I add him and drop Grant in light of Towns' injury? He's been on fire last month. Miami has 3-3-3 schedule, OKC is 4-3-4. Grant has been trending down, especially in blocks/steals. Thomas Bryant is available, but isn't getting good minutes. Not much
  10. Saric could see more minutes/usage with KAT's injury. Wait and see how serious it is first.
  11. Tyler ftw. Clearer path to minutes, same fantasy schedule and can get real hot.
  12. We're all dead. Playoffs in 2 days. No recovering from this nightmare.
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