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  1. 10 team, full ppr, +3 bonus for 100+ yards. Bolded Championship starters QB: Herbert, Hurts RB: Aaron Jones, Ekeler, James Robinson (Flexed Wilson Jr. in ship), K Hunt, A. Gibson WR: M. Thomas, E. Sanders, Calvin Ridley, JuJu, D. Parker, TE: Waller, Logan Thomas D/ST: Streamed but used Bills K: Blankenship 12 team, full ppr, +1 bonus for 100 yards, start 3 WR (I came in second but was 11-2 on the season, I had Crodwer and Gio throughout the year and dropped them last minute. The guy I played used them against me along with Kamara, david johnson, rod
  2. 11-2 on the season with ~160 average per week, with a great team but man it hard to over come what I was against. They scored the most points in league history (over 8 years). My team did alright but I just couldn't compete against, All but 2 of his players went ham. Rodgers, Kamara, David Johnson, Hopkins, Lamb, Crowder, Gio Crowder himself outscored my tyreek hill and calvin combined lol
  3. They moved the game last year back to the US due to poor field conditions. β€œUntil very recently, we had no major concerns,” Mark Waller, the N.F.L.’s executive vice president of international events, said in a statement. β€œBut the combination of a difficult rainy season and a heavy multi-event calendar of events at the stadium have resulted in significant damage to the field that presents unnecessary risks to player safety and makes it unsuitable to host an N.F.L. game.”
  4. 3 crappy weeks in a row now. Not very happy about it
  5. Wallers points these past 3 weeks has been very frustrating
  6. 3rd week in a row I listened to the "experts" over my gut for my streaming qbs. Pick their recommendations over playing winston 3 weeks ago I went D. Jones vs Ari he got 12 points... 2 weeks ago I went cousins against a weak wsh team, he got 11 points (wintson got 24) This week I went Minshew (oh he's a top 4qb this week they said) he got 8.8 points (winston got 25) lost all 3 by less than 10 points and I would have easily won otherwise
  7. Glad I swapped minshew in last second over Winston... If I wanted to be stressed and watch my QB turn it over I would have just kept winston in. How the hell was that last play a fumble? Its like the refs just wanted the game to end so they didn't call it a incomplete
  8. League 1: Need James white and Pats d/st to get 20+ League 2: Need Sony, Robby Anderson, Edelman, and Bell to get 33+
  9. There is a guy who is 4-1 playing a team that is 1-4. The 1-4 team is currently winning by 0.6.The 4-1 manager never started a d/st and could potentially pick up and start packers or lions tonight.Should I drop Josh Allen since he hasn't played yet and put both of the d/st on waivers so he can't add/play them?
  10. How many of these guys were on the same teams from 30+? Or were some of these done post 30 going from one team to another.
  11. This was me last week during the Eagles Cowboays game. I lost 129.1 to 130 in a PPR league. I had Ertz (who did terrible that game) and Zeke. Gronk on my bench too haha. Wouldn't have mattered though because this week I would have lost any way since I started Luck (9 points), Lamar Miller (0.8 points), and Aaron Jones (0.8 points). Team typically puts up 130+ and they got 52 I think it was this week.
  12. I didn't post last week but came to rant about missing playoffs due to my L last week. Lost 131 to 129.1. OBJ was out so I started sutton...put up like 3 points or so. Had curtis on the bench who had 8 points. Ertz has his second worst game of the season and gronk explodes for his best on my bench for 26.7 points QB: Luck RB: zeke, aaron jones, lamar miller, WR: Josh gordon, Sutton TE: Ertz
  13. This week I was without M. Gordon, Hunt, Kerryon Johnson, and then Josh Adams showed up on injury report with that hip thing from practice, so I couldn't wait to see if he played. Had to start Malcolm Brown in hopes he would get garbage time points and he got hurt and Sony Michel who is now in such a crappy RB situation
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