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  1. Finished reg season 10-3 and 1st place with bye. Beat my bro in finals and my team put up 198 which was the highest weekly score ever in the league since we started it in 2014. Kyler, Kamara, Da Adams, and Kelce gave me and the leagues most dominating team ever. It was my year!!
  2. Yea I steamrolled the competition myself, score the highest points ever in the the final 198 and avg 146 per game. Both league records.
  3. Impressive to win it, ur WRs all had good seasons
  4. Yep and to think I was upset I got him on the 2nd rd on draft day. I wasn't taking any te til after 6th rd on mocks and generally ended up getting Henry on most of them. Biggest advantage in all off fantasy.
  5. Alright, all you Kamara owner post your championship rosters(jk). Curious to see what won it in your league. These are the main contributors to my season. 12 team half ppr: Kyler Kamara, C Carson, K Hunt, L bell, Swift(Waivers) D Adams(trade), Aj Brown (trade), B cooks, Claypool(waivers), Jeudy Kelce K ended with J Sanders last quarter of the season (drafted J Elliott) DEF ended with Browns last few games (drafted Pats) I drafted Sutton as my first wr in the 5th rd so knew I was thin there. L Bell was my worst draft pick in the 4th kept him all season probab
  6. Going with my gut, starting hunt over carson for the title myself.
  7. I left him on the bench for kyler, fire hurts up, another big game incoming!
  8. I'm playing my bro for the title, I have Kamara and he had cooks lol. Looking good should cruise in for the ship. Oh he had Jacob's today, he ain't happy 🤣🤣 This might be the first time the best team wins the title, I have set most ppg in the history of the league, though this is our first year in half ppr but I destroyed the previous mark.
  9. Definitely top 12 rb for 2021, dude has the talent and skillset to be one of the top backs in the league. Coming in, I had him ranked as the best pure back from the highlights I saw of the top backs of the 20 draft class.
  10. Game got out of hand but damn 7pts hurts..
  11. Man I'm getting nervous myself, stsrter kyler and swift.. left door open a bit for the ship
  12. I ain't ever forgetting this game!! Clutch performance.
  13. I hear ya but we had to suffer through lots of decoys with kamara and taysom coming in vulturing tds in the Redzone throughout the year
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