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  1. Ive been offered George for Pascal Siakam. Unsure as to whether Paul will recapture form? Will he miss back to backs? Our playoffs start next week!
  2. Got offered Chris Paul for Donovan Mitchell. Is CP3 worth more? Will he sustain?
  3. Yeah I missed out on Divicenzo! I think we underestimated Bertans extra usage to a degree. Even Rui aswell. Mo almost better in bench role as opposed to playing next to Beal
  4. Questionable for tomorrow. Worth an add? would drop Tyus Jones
  5. For sure man! won't make the same mistake 😁 I'll be praying that Bryant recovers well!
  6. Been playing Fantasy since 2006 man. I just worded it poorly lol just realised how it sounded. I wasnt hoping that Bryant got injured, I owned him at that point lol Was more Wagner per minute was amazing so if he ever got opportunity if Bryant did get injured his value would skyrocket.
  7. Well I got him because of his upside. You never actually want dudes to get injured but I knew if it did happen Wagner would be sick as.
  8. Didn't mean to come across that way. Who doesn't enjoy some nice side benefits.
  9. Agree! if you have the space! I may look at him later in week when he plays again. Im in a tight battle though so hard to add atm.
  10. Just added him in 12 Team league for Bruce Brown. I have Jones aswell so will wait and see who is better. Both could do well though as Melton may play some SG too. I own Morant in IR so kinda weird owning all 3 haha
  11. Love this guy! Got him off waivers last week and gets you solid cross cat that is sneaky due to other Rockets getting more attention. Always gets minutes!
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