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  1. I'd do that, McKinnon is worth dropping and did so myself. Thanks for answering mine.
  2. I'd drop Moss or Perine for Dmoore. Wilson's hurt and we don't know yet if Coleman is back next week yet. Help with mine?
  3. I'd try to see if I can give up less first but much depends on your WR depth. If you like your group, then yeah go for the upside. Otherwise I'd stay put.
  4. I'd do number 2 for either, preferably Mahomes. I like that offer more because you don't give up your depth at RB for it, and WR is easier to replace. Help with mine?
  5. I have a comfortable lead but my opponent has Wilson and Murray still to go. Have Metcalf, Lockett, Hopkins - need 2. Sounds crazy but do I bench Nuk and play Lockett and Metcalf to at least neutralize Wilson's upside?
  6. Kelce, Kittle, Hopkins, OBJ, D Henry, Carson, DJ Moore, Sutton How would rank the top 3 for a keeper league? Draft picks would be taken from first 3 rounds. Personally leaning towards Kelce and Kittle as my top 2 to have the top options at TE, but interested to hear others' strategies on this as well as any keeper rule suggestions.
  7. Carson, Murray, DJ Moore, Henry (subbed him out but could have helped), Sutton, Hopkins - talk about misfortune. Despite them, could have had an 18 point lead going into tonight if I played Indy D over DEN. Up by 0.29 with Davante Adams and Aaron Jones to go, so that's a wrap for me.
  8. Kinda surprised Kyler isn't being talked about as a great play this week. Weak SEA pass D with tons of injuries (Wagner, Quandre Diggs, Kendricks, Clowney, Shaq Griffin all questionable or unlikely to play). SEA is going to score against ARZ, highest point total of the week so can definitely be a shootout, so Kyler should have one of his best outings yet. Why are people not confident in this guy for the finals?
  9. Definitely Mahomes at QB. I'm not sure which Winston we'll get this week because his top weapons are gone. I'd go Adams, Julio, and Lockett. They have favorable matchups and they're studs. Really want to put AJ Brown but you have a great group there. Help with mine?
  10. I'd go with Kupp. LAR need the win, and I think they'll target Kupp quite a bit here. Mostert a close 2nd, but given that it's a must-win game for the Rams I think their D will be up to the task to shutdown the run. GL! Help with mine?
  11. Completely reasonable to go with Gordon vs OAK, but I'd actually choose Mack based on the matchup. He can easily deliver the best output here, Brissett is struggling they will want to run the ball and what does Carolina suck at? Defending the run. Just a gut feeling on this one. Help with mine?
  12. I'd start Boone over all of them if Mattison doesn't practice at all by Saturday. Cook likely out. Otherwise, I'd rank them Washington, Mostert, then AP. Washington has the best chance in my opinion for a TD and will probably assume the majority of the work. Love Mostert but there's still Breida and a bit of Coleman in the backfield vying for touches. AP has a great matchup and Guice is out, but Scherff just landed on IR and he's their best run blocker. Help with mine?
  13. RB: CMC, Saquon WR: Miller and Perriman (if you need the upside play, otherwise I'd play Landry over him as a safe play and use Miller for the upside) Flex: I'd actually go Washington over a combo of Miller, Perriman, Landry in your lineup. Touches matter. K: I had the exact same decision and went Forbath. Better offense than the others, divisional game, must-win for Dallas. I think Forbath gets a few fg opportunities in this one.
  14. This one is tough. Landry had a bad day last week, you'd think they go back to him this week but I don't like the chances of him performing twice against BAL. Their secondary is different from the first time around with Peters now. I know Kupp has put up some duds, but I'd still lean towards him in a must-win game for LAR. Thanks for mine.
  15. I'd go Boone if we Mattison hasn't practiced at all by Saturday with Cook likely out. Risky because of the Monday night game, but I'd feel good about him starting if the other 2 guys haven't practiced. Otherwise, I'd also lean McLaurin. Thanks for mine.
  16. I'd feel more comfortable with Slayton, but I wouldn't be surprised to read people go for Perriman here. Just not big on him as a WR1 for his team. Help with mine?
  17. I like your current lineup, pretty solid this week. I'd stick with it. Only other consideration for me would be Miller for Singletary. Help with mine?
  18. I'd go Fournette, Washington, and Mostert. Help with mine?
  19. Yeah I have Hopkins and Winston going for me in that game, so hoping the weather gets better in the coming days. Not a great combo for Winston with a bum finger, no WRs, and poor conditions. Help with mine?
  20. I think with Godwin and Evans out, teams focus on stopping Perriman to force Winston to throw to other targets. That benefits Watson so he's my choice. Help with mine?
  21. Hollister for TE, and McLaurin, Parker, Kupp, Brown Help with mine?
  22. INDY D would be my choice. Against Will Grier in his first live action and wasn't very good in preseason. Help with mine?
  23. Hollister against ARZ. I'd be pretty confident with him in my lineup. Help with mine?
  24. I'd go Fuller and Sutton. Both play weak secondaries and offer big upside. Wouldn't go AJ Brown simply due to matchup but he's a stud. Help with mine?
  25. I'd go Allen, McLaurin, Kupp as my top 3, and Perriman for Drake in the Flex but that's just my gut. Help with mine?
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