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  1. Will try to grab Tobias Harris for my Jerami Grant on a H2H points league. What do you think? Also, do you expect oubre to come back to "normal"? Thanks in advance
  2. My fox, JRich and Faried for Ayton and Lowry. H2H points league, who do you think will win this trade?
  3. My Fox and J-Rich for Bradley Beal. H2H points league, what do you think? With the open roster spot i would stash kenrich williams. Beal is ballying right now, and if we count all of their averages, fox puts up 41/42 fpp, JRich 32/33 and Beal 49, so with the addition of Kenrich Williams, IMO i would be the winner of the trade. Also, JRich is pretty inconsistent
  4. Is it a Nice trade for me? H2H points league. Fizz hás completely lost his mind, and i guess jabari will see some Nice minutes. Need Your opinion please
  5. Im thinking about dropping him for zizic... i have been Very patient with him. If he could grab some more rebounds...
  6. I am loosing my patience with Payton. On a 10 team H2H points league, should i drop him and pick a guy like zizic, Marvin williams, Napier? Need help guys
  7. i have nice centers on waivers, but my team has maximum centers ahaha
  8. that guy is a pass first type of player. if he doesnt have AD, Miro, Randle, who is he supposed to assist? Moore?
  9. I am going to be patient, he took a lot of shots, he just happened to miss them. Spurs are a nice team, so i wil wait and see. Before this game he had a nice game so lets be patient. Actually i think the fact that they have a lot of injured guys, contributes to his poor performance, since he is a pass first guy
  10. i dont know man, they have a lot of guys out, they still need to figure out how to play with all of them. Im okay with him scoring single digits, as long as he rebounds and assists at a high clip. I have him, and i will have patience with him
  11. Both of these guys are on my waiver list. 10 man H2H points league which one would you pick up, keeping in mind i have a solid playoff position and i want a good team in the playoffs, so im looking for long term value
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