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  1. I also want the Bucs to win but expect the Chiefs to win. It's fun to see someone make history like Brady has. It's the type of thing to tell kids or grandkids about in the future. My prediction: Chiefs win 34 - 24.
  2. If any of you watch UrinatingTree on YouTube, especially his Steelers vids, this week is going to be great!
  3. JuJu I could've used this production earlier in the year!
  4. Those are all valid points. Off the top of my head regarding the top drafted kickers going into 2020, and quickly looking at stats: Butker: KC may have been more efficient with scoring TDs. KC scored 451 points in 2019 and 473 points this year, so perhaps Butker kicked a lot of XPs, though from a quick look Butker didn't actually score the most XPs. He's 7th with 48 XPs. Bass is actually 2nd with 57 XPs. The top ten for kicking XPs were: Crosby, Lutz, Bass, Succop, Tucker, Myers, Butker, Gostkowski, Carlson, Blankenship. Lutz: Weeks 11 through 15 were pretty bad, he avera
  5. I won't deny Lockett's upside and his potential to win you a week, but the floor is worse than that. These are half of his games from this year, with the final three from weeks 14-16: 2/39/0, 4/44/0, 4/33/0, 4/40/0, 3/23/0, 5/52/0, 4/34/0, 3/44/0 It's hard to trust that.
  6. The regular season is finally over. Let's see how our boy Koo did. This is based on Yahoo scoring: Total Points Sanders - 172 Koo - 168 (missed a game) Bass - 157 Carlson - 155 Zuerlein - 153 Blankenship - 150 Succop - 145 Tucker - 145 Santos - 139 Myers - 138 McManus - 136 Lutz - 135 (didn't realize how bad of a year Lutz had) Butker - 134 (didn't realize how bad of a year Butker had) Average Points Tristan Vizcaino - 12.00 (only played week 17, not really counting this) Koo - 11.20 Sande
  7. Knowing his luck, if the Giants make it in, Brady will find a way to lose against them.
  8. If Washington loses, the Giants win the division, right?
  9. If you started Cam Newton in DFS or in week 17, congrats I guess.
  10. Remember that half PPR leagues exist too, that could give you a happy medium. I prefer 0.25 PPR the most, but everyone else in the 0.25 PPR leagues I had wanted to move to half PPR.
  11. Antonio Brown is finally returning WR1 value!
  12. Maybe Julio's end will be like Roddy White, who was somewhat productive for a few years until he finally hung up his cleats. I don't think next year will be the year of a sharp decline though, barring more injuries.
  13. I have a long time until I need to choose a keeper but I want to see what others think while the 2020 season is fresh in our minds. I can choose one of these as a keeper for 2021. It's a half-PPR, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex league. Aaron Rodgers (6th round) Montgomery (7th round) Tee Higgins (6th round) Robby Anderson (6th round) Younghoe Koo (12th round) (😂) I'm leaning towards Montgomery or Higgins. Rodgers was great of course, but I don't think I'll be saving much in ADP value as a 6th round keeper, and since it's a 1 QB league I think I'll b
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