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  1. So, the Houston Texans are a Toy Story movie now?
  2. Be careful Jaren, dancing like that might cause a career ending injury
  3. I'll give him a pass for this season because of the Dak and O-line injuries.
  4. I would be comfortable with taking him in the 1st round. As of right now, the only running back's I'll take ahead of Akers are CMC, Kamara, Henry, Cook, Chubb, and Ez E. And, I'll level him with Taylor and Barkley.
  5. Will probably combo him next season with Kelce in my first two rounds.
  6. Would have been crazy if the Rams landed Rodgers.
  7. Now that they handled their QB situation, it would be interesting what kind of salary cap wizardry they'll pull off to get under it.
  8. Will sit out the next 5 games due to injuries. He could be vital player in a contending team (and to our fantasy teams) if he'll accept a paycut and reduced role
  9. Watson can help out the team that's trading for him by saying to the Texans that he will only allow to be traded to that particular team. That gives the leverage to the trading team so that it won't give up as much as the Texans want. Like if Watson expressly says that he will only be allowed to be traded for the Jets, the Jets might be able to keep its #2 pick. A package of Darnold, #23rd pick, 2nd round pick, 2022 first round pick, midlevel player with some potential could be enough. With that said, the WTFs should go all in and trade for him. Mclaurin, Gibson and Young are on
  10. He's forcing the shots that he's taking because they don't pass him the ball when he's open. edit: they finally pass to him for a corner 3.
  11. Knicks playing another good defensive game on Burks
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