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  1. Oh Eagles. Where do I start with you. Kurt Cobain might be from Seattle but you really took the line “its better to burnout than to fade away” to heart. Beotos’ first pick of Farley was a good foundational pick for the defense. And since Jalen Hurts has a high upside scrambling ability, I won’t focus on the O-line with this pick. I’m going to give Hurts a Desean Jackson/Tyler Lockett type of burner/safety valve that he can throw long bombs to when the pocket collapses /the play becomes a scramble drill..... with the 70th pick of the 2021 NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles s
  2. This dude will be golden if he played for the Spurs. He's not a bust (yet), he's just in the wrong system
  3. With the first 2 rounds dedicated to the “Let’s not turn Trevor Lawrence into Sam Darnold” initiative, the Jaguars should focus on their defense in the following rounds. Since their immediate needs on defense are OLB, Pass Rusher and Safety, the choices should be the BPA of those positions (Ronnie Perkins vs. Hamsah Nasirildeen vs. Baron Browning) Anyway….. with the 65th pick of the 2021 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select Baron Browning, Linebacker, Ohio State. a Jack-Schobert-Browning LB corps has the potential for beastin’
  4. With the 58th pick of the 2021 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens select Jabril Cox, Linebacker, LSU. The offensive line and free safety positions are still a concern. Cox has the LSU connection with Patrick Queen and can have an Adalius Thomas type of role. Ravens could also use this pick for an OBJ trade package. @Boudewijnyour turn anti-Michael Douglas
  5. In Grier's position, I'd take this trade: Dolphins receive: No. 10, No. 44 pick for the 2021 draft and next year's 1st rounder Cowboys receive: No. 6, No. 156, and No. 231 picks for the 2021 draft and next year's 4th rounder
  6. If Jerry Jones is irrationally enamored with Pitts and he's still there at #6, the Dolphins can extort a haul from the Cowboys. I'd make that trade in a heartbeat if I were the Fins.
  7. Good pick. Now they have to offload Solder's waste of a contract
  8. There is a Zero-RB strategy that is kool and might cause brutal fatalities in your league. It's called Sub-Zero-RB strategy. Mortal Kombat In Theaters and on HBO Max. April 23!
  9. As the Falcons, I would have gone with Penei Sewell with the 4th pick or trade down for a mid-1st rounder, a second round pick and 1st round pick next year. The goal here is to acquire as many draft picks and young players that will serve as the team's nucleus in 2023 where most of their onerous contracts come off the books (Ryan, Jones, Matthews, Jarrett, Jones) I'm tempted to go with Najee Harris, Moehrig, or Toney here, but will chose a lineman that already has a familiarity with their future QB1 and can be understudy to Matthews while playing beside him on the line. with th
  10. can also take the Colts and/or the Bills
  11. I don't. It's something I'd like to see because it helps the Panthers rebuild. No way am I expecting that trade to happen
  12. One draft day trade I'd like to see is the Panthers trading Bridgewater, their 2021 2nd and 3rd round pick to the Broncos for the 9th pick. They could go for a Slater/Farley combo for a long term build. Protect Darnold as he dumps off to CMC and long bombs to Anderson while the D has a solid nucleus of Brown, Burns, Chinn, and Farley across the 3 levels.
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