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  1. Robles is best player in the deal. Go A.
  2. Rockies play 14 of their next 20 at home. He has hit 35 home runs so far this year. I think you take a chance on him.
  3. Ill take it. Chef200108855@yahoo.com if available sent you a message last night.
  4. I would think they move him with a good enough deal. Toronto not looking like a heavy favorite for 2020. He is pitching very well and should get a nice prospect or two for him.
  5. 5x5 league. Please help me pick two for this week out of Tapia, Pence and Cron. All playing 6 games. 3 home 3 away. Thanks Guys!
  6. Agree with both posters. He will get plenty of starts against bad teams. Bench him against red sox, yanks, etc. He is better but do not totally trust him yet. Have him in an AL only which could be deadly.
  7. That sucks. Who takes his place in rotation?
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