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  1. This was about as bad as he's looked all year besides in the New England game but still a decent fantasy day. I feel fine starting him every week and getting consistent 17-24 point games, it feels like he doesn't have much potential for a blow up game with the way they're calling plays but I'll take it
  2. Really tempted to trade him while his value is high if I can get a lead back with more assured touches, I was an Ingram owner last year and remember it being very hard to predict usage week to week. On the other hand Murray seems to have proven over the last couple games that he might have higher upside than Ingram did especially if gets the goal line work...Tough decisions ahead [...]
  3. I'm honestly not worried about his fantasy production being hampered too much by the weather, Allen is a solid fantasy play for his high rushing floor and hopefully a couple TDs through the air or on the ground. He hasn't hit on many big plays this year so all the weather means is short passes and maybe some extra ground yards which is exactly what his fantasy numbers have been based on every other week
  4. What are people thinking about him rest of season compared to other top tight ends? I haven't watched any Rams games, are his increased targets dependable going forward? I have Andrews on a bye and am thinking about burning a waiver claim on him if it seems like he might be startable beyond week 8. Everything I've read is very encouraging
  5. Been stashing my No.1 waiver priority to hopefully use on solid rest of season player. I have Mark Andrews on a bye so need a tight end. Is Gerald Everett worth a top bid/might he be a better option than Andrews long term? My running backs are sort of a mix unpredictable and hopeful stashes so I'd have to drop one (Marlon Mack, Todd Gurley, Lesean McCoy, Devin Singletary, Darrel Henderson). I only want to drop one of them of Everett might pan out to be a top 5-10 TE, any advice on Everett?
  6. Assuming that last game was an outlier, what are people thinking about his ability to produce with the upcoming schedule? [...] Anyone else concerned about the matchups or would I be crazy not to keep him as insurance?
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