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  1. "Field of Dreams" Dynasty league is 6x6 standard scoring, 12 team ESPN league. The live draft is tomorrow evening Sunday the 7th of March. This is first season you will be getting in on the ground floor, tomorrow draft is a snake. All following seasons it will be a Salary cap. It is has 32 roster spots, large with 10 bench spots which some of them may be used for prospects. The 6x6 scoring includes: Batting side of the ledger: Runs, HR, RBI SB, BA and OBP Pitching side of the ledger: W, K, ERA, Whip, Saves and Holds O
  2. The following league is exactly what you want. Only difference is it is a dynasty league. basically you can keep the number you want.. Just scroll down the league finder page leave your EMAIL address... Looking for replacement owner for free ESPN 12-team H2H dynasty league
  3. I also like Matthew Allan, however he is not expected up until 2023 where Cabrera should be up this season in 2021. Some of Miami scouts believe he will have a better future than Sixto Sanchez.
  4. I like him a lot. I have the 11th selection in my dynasty prospect draft. I am hoping it will still be available,,,
  5. In addition to his outstanding potential, he will pitch half of his games in Seattle...
  6. He works hard long hours. May be asleep already. I like to think he will add you in the morning. I have sent him a message... Other interested owner's please feel free to leave you EMAIL address as he may be looking for two.
  7. Looks like Team may still be available. Prospects draft is so much fun. Team already has outstanding prospects... I took over a 10th place team and took it to 4th place the first year. Won the league championship in the shorten season last year That owed to the league settings and the prospects... Looks like there may still be ONE Vacancy...
  8. This is a high quality league gentleman. So much fun.... Outstanding league settings!
  9. Invitation sent ... If you accept you are number 12. Please don't delay. We have 11 members, invitation's have been sent for the 12th. Still no reply from them and still not accepted. Their is still an opportunity to join this league. Still Need one more...
  10. Invitation sent ... If you accept you are number 12. Please don't delay.
  11. Only two teams still available, Need an EMAIL Address for an invitation.
  12. Invitations sent. There is another invite pending. First owner to join has the team... The unanswered invitations will be deleted.
  13. Yes, it is the league first year. so you will be in on the ground floor.
  14. There are still a few OPENINGS as not all invitations have been answered. Only necessary item for an invitation is Your EMAIL ADDRESS!
  15. Welcome to the "Field of Dreams" Dynasty league This is a 12 team Dynasty league meaning you can keep up to 30 players from one season to the next. You do NOT have to keep that many. As you can keep as many as you wish. As long as it does not exceed 30. You are not over your salary cap. First year draft will be a snake draft. The following seasons will be Salary cap draft. 32 player roster includes 10 bench spots, Large, purposely made that way so everyone can hold some prospects if they desire. Again, you can keep any number prospects you wish, as long as it does NOT exceed (7) seven t
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