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  1. solid production when he gets the minutes. even on off nights when getting minutes in the low to mid 20's, can still produce a decent line
  2. definitely concerned about his knee if thibs runs him into the ground
  3. do we expect Gay to keep it up or is he a sell high asap?
  4. is it a good idea to try and trade for JJJ as gasol's handcuff? If marc goes out for extended periods, noah probably won't be worth much, but JJJ's usage could rise?
  5. Lots of chatter around the bulls because of all the recent drama. Hold for a bit and see how it plays out on the court.
  6. Going to be a streaky player to own. May average out to have mid to late round value, but will have periods of duds. Just hold and hope he gets hot during the playoffs lol
  7. The two concerns I keep seeing with Kanter are: 1) Young fellas taking over his minutes (Mitch) 2) Knicks might trade Kanter The consequence of (2) is murkier to me. How would a trade impact Kanter's value? Or is it impossible to speculate?
  8. he's playing tonight vs det. my second year owning him and he's always streaky. hope he pulls out of this soon! strong hold.
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