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  1. the trade would go through the following week if not made in time
  2. Looks like I'll have three roster spots taken by Rams RBs
  3. I know this guy has done nothing all year but as a Gurley and Malcolm Brown owner I just picked this guy up until we know more about Gurley's injury. It sucks having three spots taken from the same position/team but if Gurley misses time it would be worth cornerning the market if you can afford it
  4. will see targets with stills out. possible big week
  5. The guy is definitely special. Throughout his college career he just seemed to make big plays when they were needed and was arguably one of the best at his position in the country but fell due to off the field issues. Not sure how much he has matured. But, with Njoku out, Higgins hurt, there could be targets as the WR3 in this offense. He had troubles with drops last year but could be worth a stash to wait and see. Just have a bad feeling that the volume will not be there and he will end up a wasted talent. For reference:https://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/antonio-callaway/
  6. the best comparison I saw on here described how Conley was last year. Granted, Hardman is a much better player but you have to wonder how much volume will be there.
  7. You can't drop this guy. He is a league winner if anything happens to Shady or Damien. IMO he is the best handcuff as he is essentially a double handcuff.
  8. already dropped him. He is good for the upside of an explosive play but realistically... kelce, hill, watkins are all over him and then at best he splits with drob. Not to mention that damien williams is the best pass catching runningback on roster. I can't justify stashing him knowing his floor every week.
  9. Would you drop Hardman for pettis in .5 ppr
  10. Im debating him with Mecole rn as well. Long term vs short term. Drafted Pettis but unsure right now
  11. Henry may be a few weeks out. But, very little competition for targets. This is a team where Dontrelle Inman just had 10+ fantasy points before going down. I'd take and stash for sure if available
  12. Honestly, any trade would be best case scenario for his outlook ros. Hard to see that many situations worse than this one rn
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