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  1. You make great points but LeBron also has had many games that did the talking for him which is why in my opinion he can talk all he wants off the court. He's a little better than Kobe but you're right about the mindset difference between the two. If only LeBron had that insane killer mentality we wouldn't even bother comparing the two players because it wouldn't be close.
  2. Wow. Congratulations to all owners to a phenomenal start of your week. PG SMOOOOOOTH
  3. I don't really believe in him maintaining 20 PPG and he definitely won't have lines like this on the regular but nice game. (I'm salty because he's rostered for a team that's ahead of me can ya tell?)
  4. It's just crazy because throughout the first 15-20 games Middleton was looking like an absolute stud. Ever since that benching happened this dude completely transformed.
  5. Looking like this team is all of a sudden primed for a playoff push. Bron about to dominate this stretch.
  6. Props to everyone who had a gut feeling and activated him Thursday morning. We see you King.
  7. Dude better make the all Star team as a reserve. Its fun looking forward to watching this dude go on his 3rd quarter torching sprees.
  8. Unfortunately it might not happen this year but obviously because of the injury. If healthy they would have stayed around 4th.
  9. Appears he hurt his knee badly. The stretcher was brought out.
  10. Yep I truly believe this is the turn around point for Vic if I'm wrong I'll own it but even in points leagues this dude has been getting under 15 and his average was around 33 last season. I figure he's gonna start hovering around 29-30 because that shots bound to fall.
  11. No I personally don't think his recent injury is holding him back he's just in an awful shooting slump. Can't wait until he busts out of that because his lines are pretty good otherwise.
  12. True words. That could have potentially been a sweet line. It's good to see some more positivity in this thread. Heck I even caught myself slipping talking smack about him but we're all human lol
  13. So far this season elite production has been more familiar than duds which is a huge step from his first few seasons so hopefully it holds up for the second half.
  14. On the other hand 7 for 11 and no turnovers with multiple stocks on a first game back with a sore shoulder and having to wear that god awful mask is pretty mind blowing. Excited for the future.
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