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  1. I want to get a big in return but not sure who I can get ...
  2. just give me 2 more good games so I can sell high
  3. Dropped him for a streaming spot ... he was inconsistent to begin with
  4. Harden probably told him to smarten up or he'd be the next Melo and gotta sit home for a year.
  5. Huerter ... he seems more important to the Hawks then Hart is for the Pels.
  6. the damage that Lonzo bring to any fantasy team ...
  7. how low are you guys willing to trade to get rid of him ....
  8. So his shots just started falling or he actually adjusted the way he plays?
  9. its hard to say you are giving Bagley a fair look when you just decicde to move him to the 4 ...
  10. lol I thought we all picked up Holmes from WW knowing this time will come ... I am glad he is still getting 25 minutes
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