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  1. Stash now and see how the rotation shakes out with KD's return. Nets have been high on this kid for a while. He might be who we all wished Robert Williams would be.
  2. Whose the pick up? No D-Lo no Beasley? Nowell?
  3. Closes for this team down the stretch and in OT despite sub par free throw shooting. Shows that he has the confidence of the coaching staff. Cant believe I was considering dropping ....
  4. Jokes aside, he has massacred my fg% this week.
  5. The field goal percentage and b2b issues seem to be much better. We just need this alarming free throw situation to rectify itself....then we talking top 30, even with the lack of 3s and defensive stats
  6. Looks to be turning it around. Guy came off a significant injury of the lower extremities with no training camp or pre season. Was bound to take some time to round into form. Congrats on everyone who held on or bought low. Easy top 60 value ROS
  7. Just acquired Westbrook. I'm wondering why people think him playing B2Bs was a one-off because it was against his former team? Surely the team plans more than a day in advance and saw the B2B with Houston coming? If he was intent on playing Houston, they could've just rested him for the front end of the B2B , if that remained a serious concern. Wizards won 4 straight, and I think the idea is to lessen his minutes per game and allow him to start playing B2B. Just my guess anyway, for what its worth. I just dont buy that an NBA team would play him on the front end of the B2B, then get
  8. He is my drop when PG comes back off the IL. Tired of this nonsense. Its always something
  9. 12/2/5 with 1.5 steals, 40% shooting and 85% from the line. Good enough for 12 team consideration.
  10. Streamed him today and man, what a line. Traded him for Olynyk though, this is probably a flash in the plan given Holmes was a game time decision.
  11. Was in a dead heat for assists and streamed Pritchard right after his outburst against the Raptors Quite possibly the worst two game stream I've ever done
  12. If he wasn't such a nice guy I wouldve dropped him a long time ago. Ingram and zion stealing all the defensive rebounds, he only gets them on the offensive end. The poor production doesn't outweighs the negatives he puts up in ft and to (surprisingly a high TO guy this year relative to his usage). Two more weeks before I send him to the wire and trade for a competent center Eff this man.... %#^@!$+$&*#
  13. Excited to see how much he lights up Kyrie on Saturday. 35+ easy.
  14. Correlation doesn't equal causation, but it's interesting to see the steals return to normal with White's return. Havent watched any of the games to see whether Whites ability to handle the ball has allowed dejounte to increase his energy expenditure on the defensive end. Thoughts?
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