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  1. Coach comments worry me. Hurts almost as bad as losing Harden
  2. Call me crazy, but I think he is worth a gamble. 7/4/2 in 7 minutes. If he can carve himself out a 20 minute / night role he is definitely 12 team worthy. Give him some time to figure out the playbook if you're not in playoffs
  3. GM said he would return "by the end of April". Then JJJ himself said his return is pretty much imminent, "very soon". It's one week into April. I wouldn't be surprised if he is back next week
  4. Looking like 3 weeks. Gotta survive round 1 of playoffs without this stud in both leagues, at a minimum. Praying for a Boogie Hail Mary to make up for this loss
  5. Harden out with hamstring tightness Steph been in and out with a brusied tailbone (average recovery < 2 games) Zion out with a sprained thumb that was supposed to cost him little "if any games" Nurk random DNP Dejounte with this mystery foot injury NBA players are soft. Organizations are coddling their players like absolute babies. An NBA player, 20 year old phenom missing almost a week over an injury scare that turned out to be nothing is the last straw. Commish needs to get a handle on this. Cut games if you need to since injuries cannot be verified as cred
  6. 6 shot attempts and less than 30 minutes ? Oh boy. His upside makes him a tentative hold for now, but I'm not liking the shot distribution (18 for CJ and 21 for Dame). Norm is arguably better than CJ. At the very least they are comparable. No way he should be getting 1/3 of CJ's shot attempts. Let's see how things shake out the next few weeks before playoffs. McDaniels and Gafford are sitting on the wire in my league and both look very appealing in light of this dud from Norm...
  7. It was sarcasm, clearly. I was one of a few that said Tony Bradley is no threat to Moses immediately after the trade deadline on this very thread. lol
  8. Sarcasm is clearly lost upon some of us. I said this immediately after the "Bradley Blockbuster" went down
  9. Don't worry, Tony Bradley will surely impede Baby Wilt's ROS dominance.
  10. Miami is big on this guy's defense. I can see him as a 2 3pm and 1.7 steals guy rest of season. A more consistent Justin Holiday, if you will. Definitely worth a pick up with news that LMA is going to Brooklyn
  11. Bruh, Bradley couldn't outcompete Dwight Howard for minutes after Embiid went down. Moses will be fine.
  12. Horford resting both legs of the B2B? Oh the Thunder are all in on Moses for the rest of the season. Horford probably has no interest playing for a lottery-bound team anyway. Strong hold.
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