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  1. I'm interested . 14 years experience fisherman51503@cox.net
  2. I have been offered Conforto , Gallo , & Kershaw for Ballenger . Do I do this ? keeper league ,dynasty 14 teams thanks for all the input
  3. I'm interested if available . have 14 years experience fisherman51503#cox.net
  4. i'm very interested in the team . just needs some TLC 

    I have 14 years experience 

    I'm retired so lots of free time 

    my  e mail    fisherman51503@cox.net










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    2. Jmdyanks92


      I noticed on your profile that you've joined MANY leagues recently will you stay active in mine?

    3. fisherman51503


      Heavens yes . I don't join leagues to not play  this is my past time . I check teams 4 0r 5 time a day 

      thanks for asking 

    4. fisherman51503


      that is ok if you don't want me  in your league . 

      I joined another league .  I just want to have fun playing 

      thanks anyway  

  5. I 'm interested in this team & league . I have 14 years experience fisherma51503@cox.net
  6. I would be interested 14 years playing fantasy baseball e- mail fisherman51503@cox.net
  7. I will take team has no name if still vacant . 14 years experience fisherman51503@cox.net thanks
  8. is the team still vacant ? my email fisherman51503@cox.net 14 years experience
  9. I would be interested in the Pawnee team 14 years experience fisherman51503@cox.net thank you
  10. I would be interested in the Indians . 14 years experience fisherman51530@cox.net thank you
  11. I would be interested in win dance repeat . 14 years experience fisherman51503@cox.net
  12. would be interested in Baba O'riely 14 years experience I;m retired so have time on my hands fisherman51503@cox.net
  13. have 14 years experience . I'm retired so have lots of time to check team e- mail fishermam51503@cox.net
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