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  1. I have both Gibson and McKissic. Was hoping Gibson would be ruled out so McKissic had the backfield pretty much to himself, but that won't happen now. If Gibson is definitely playing, I'm starting him. Due to likely timeshare with McKissic, my guess is with no re-injury, Gibson has 15 touches, maybe 75 total yards and possibly a TD. Hoping for more though of course. For what it's worth, if Elliot is ruled out later though, I'm playing Pollard over the two Washington RBs.
  2. This is close. SF has new starter again and LV has Carr who likely isn't 100%. SF will have Kittle who might be motivated to do some damage in his return, but LV of course has Waller. RBs are similar in Jacobs and J. Wilson. Arizona has 14 sacks the last two weeks. Probably lean Arizona but it's close.
  3. Tampa or Arizona -- ARZ Cleveland or Miami -- MIA Tampa or Baltimore -- BALT
  4. Yes, don't feel great about it though. My guess is he'll get about what he's usually been getting: 6 catches, 55-60 yards, 0 TDs even in what looks like a favorable matchup.
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