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  1. That crossover behind the back to get the ball stripped by Schroder sums up his fantasy season, delusional to the point that he thinks he's still relevant and to be picked as a starter in the all star game is an absolute joke. Clueless. Time to retire. Period.
  2. Was thinking the same thing, the emergence of Tatum somehow has rendered him to take a backseat so far back that he'll be a 8th round pick and beyond due to injury and no fantasy value from a percentage and stocks perspective. Big red flag for next season.
  3. Drop city? Poor FG%, 3PT%, Low FT attempts, Low stocks. If Kemba ain't scoring or going to the line, not sure where his fantasy value lies...
  4. I have Joe Harris and got offered a trade for Kyle Kuzma, should I do it and why?
  5. I'm looking at both teams being pretty loaded when healthy and Kuze has a possibility of a trade which will bode well for fantasy. If situations remain as is, then Joe provides better percentages (even though it's not as impressive as last season) and more stocks. With Kuze being notorious for low stocks, if I accept the offer I feel I'm betting on his upside as he doesn't provide anything better in particular than Joe (maybe outside of scoring and a little bit more rebounding?). Would like to hear your feedback on this.
  6. Is Hart a drop now with the injury complemented with Zion and Jrue's return?
  7. Thanks for clearing that up, I was a little worried that the contract situation wasn't as optimistic as reported.
  8. Why did Damion Lee's league ownership dropping significantly (-12% and counting)? Aren't they're finalising his contract soon, if so what warrants the drop? Is there something I'm missing here?
  9. "It's been a disappointing time for Wood after he looked like such a great add, especially when he started next to Sekou Doumbouya and Andre Drummond against the Lakers. He is still getting some minutes next to Andre Drummond, and perhaps coach Dwane Casey finds a way to get him closer to 20. As frustrating as his lack of playing time has been this week, he is still a hold in standard leagues because it could be a jackpot situation if Drummond is traded." Rotoworld still sticking to their guns rofl
  10. Watching him get lost on offense and not be at the right spots in combination with his reluctance to be physical on defense makes for a very disheartening hold.
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