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  1. What are we expecting production wise from him?
  2. What numbers are we expecting out of him when he's back?
  3. Anyone hear any updates on Theo? Whether it'll be an extensive break or a quick one like his recent last protocol... Going to have to drop if it's much longer
  4. Do we expect minutes limit or will he be unleashed from the start?
  5. I didn't catch the game last night. He injured his hamstring according to rotoworld. Did it look bad? Not the greatest time to go down, unfortunately. Thanks!
  6. What do we think about Payton with Fizdale gone? He must keep in rotation more?
  7. Will his value disappear once DLo is back or has he done enough to hold on somewhere?
  8. Aminu out indefinitely with a torn meniscus. Does Bamba win some more play time here?
  9. Great response, thanks. I scooped him up. I had Boucher to drop since Ibaka will be back anytime. Hoping he pans out for the next few games!
  10. Morant possibly out for a couple weeks? Is T. Jones the pickup?
  11. He is looking pretty okay though. Saw a follow up video from the same workout of him getting some shots off. If he's healthy and ready to go would the Wizards really sit him all season?
  12. Baaaaahhh. No way! Worst possible time. He's been amazing this season...
  13. Let me know when you have your answer. I'm in the same boat
  14. Otto has had to be my most frustrating player to own all season. Needed him to play today to hold on to a chance of winning this weekly matchup and he's Out with Load Management... Good luck
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